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WORLDLINE Competitive Strengths

In addition to its strong home market position in France, the Group holds leading market positions in Switzerland, in Austria, in Luxembourg, in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in Germany, in Latvia and in Lithuania. Worldline is also one of the main online payment services providers in Europe. The Group’s status as one of Europe’s leading players is coupled with its strong and growing presence in emerging markets such as India, China and certain countries in Latin America, where it benefits from local growth and knowledge. This scale helps the Group to: Drive innovation; ● Be price competitive (thanks to economies of scale); ● To offer payment acceptance and acquisition services on a ● Pan-European scale; and Attract large multi-national clients looking to outsource ● mission critical payment activities or other digital data processing services. The Group maintains a particularly broad base of customers across Global Business Lines characterized by long-standing

and diversified relationships. This positioning provides the Group with a strong platform from which to pursue both organic and inorganic growth opportunities which are expected to arise in the sector. The Group’s track record of successful inorganic growth further underlines its ability to seize such inorganic growth opportunities and consolidate its competitive position and scale. In the past years, Worldline successfully acquired and integrated the following players: Banksys (Belgium), Equens (The Netherlands, Germany, Italy), Paysquare (Germany, the Netherland) Digital River World Payments (USA, Brazil, Sweden), First Data Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Venture Infotek and MRL Posnet (India), Diamis (France) and entered in a strategic alliance with Komercni Banka (Czech Republic). Most recently with the acquisition of SIX Payment Services in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Worldline reinforced its European leadership to become one of the largest payment providers in Europe. These different acquisitions are described in Section A.5.1. Also, Worldline and Ingenico Group SA have announced on February 3, 2020 that their respective Boards of Directors have unanimously approved a business combination agreement. Please refer to Section A.5.2 for further details. To innovative services provided to emerging new digital ● businesses ( e-Ticketing , e-Government, e-Consumer and Connected Living services). The Group’s breadth of services allows it to provide flexible and tailored solutions to address client needs, while also reducing their risk and upfront costs (e.g. offering fee structures based on transactional revenue in all or part rather than on project builds). By offering solutions across the payment value chain, the Group can extract more value at each point of the transaction lifecycle, while relying less on any particular business line, solution or technology. The Group’s policy of promoting the sharing of best practices, developments and synergies across Global Business Lines permits improved operational and production efficiencies throughout the Group. This creates a virtuous circle that leads to the creation of further value. Furthermore, the Group’s positioning across the extended payments ecosystem affords it a complete perspective on the electronic payments industry, permitting it to react quickly to regulatory or other changes and to capitalize on new opportunities generated by them.

Comprehensive unique comprehensive positioning across C.2.2 the extended payments value chain

The Group provides a wide range of solutions across the extended payments value chain. Worldline’s business extends from: The “core” electronic payment services traditionally offered ●

to merchants and banks: Commercial acquiring, ●

Acquiring and Issuing Processing , ● Payment acceptance solutions, ● SEPA transaction processing; ● To “extended” value-added services for merchants and ● bank: Digital Banking, ● Mobile authentication, ● Mobile payment & wallets, ●

Card-linked offers, ● Private label cards, ● Loyalty programs, ● Omni-commerce services; ●


Universal Registration Document 2019

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