Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document


WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

Using the Group’s expertise, BSH offers Home Connect to ● its customers allowing them to use a standard home Wi-Fi connection via the Home Connect cloud servers to operate their appliances remotely. It offers secured connectivity via smartphones and tablets and will be based on an open standard, meaning that a range of home appliance manufacturers will be able to use it. It was launched on iOS and Android, now rolled-out in several worldwide geographies. Using its expertise in processing transactions the Group has developed the solution and runs the Cloud platform where the Household devices are connected to; As part of a strategic transformation from a product-centric ● to a service-centric business model, Home appliance manufacturer Gorenje is introducing a range of connected appliances based on the Group’s connected home platform. Hosted on a secure cloud platform, the Group’s solution allows consumers to securely interact with their home appliances remotely through an intuitively designed mobile application; Based on the Group’s connected vehicles solution, AXA ● Corporate Solutions combined the benefits of Fleet Management Services and Pay How You Drive insurance

schemes for corporate fleets. This enables the insurance company to decrease the cost of claims and increase customer stickiness by providing value added services which help their customers reduce fleet Total Cost of Operations. Competence Center Mobility. The Competence Center Mobility offers clients its innovation skills for the development of applications based on the Group’s Connected Living services. This mobile competence center has delivered a range of mobile applications covering mobile services for retail, shopping and travel, with services focused on messaging, e-Commerce and mobile payment. The Group also operates The Studio in France, which analyses, designs and evaluates interfaces across all channels: web, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and Terminals. Other main clients In addition to those mentioned above, the Group’s principal clients within this business line include Dräger, ERDF and e-Plus.


Universal Registration Document 2019

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