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WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

The Group is focusing its efforts on several areas where it believes new digital services have significant potential: e-Ticketing covers a full set of solutions and services to ● Public Transport Authorities, Passenger Transport Operators, Government Agencies and Infrastructure Providers: Including Digital Ticketing open payment solutions ● leveraging the Group’s payment capability, Revenue settlement services, service planning, resource ● allocation and real time proactive decision support; Trusted Digitization provides paperless secured systems to ● public and private organizations for better services through the digitization of processes for citizens, including implementation of national digital identity schemes, the enabling of electronic payments (taxes, fines, etc.), and

e-healthcare services, as well through a variety of trusted services, including track & trace solutions, e-contracts and electronic invoicing, legal archiving solutions for companies and e-safe services for individuals; e-Consumer & Mobility provides cloud contact and ● consumer cloud services that improve the customer engagement and generate new business models, as well as Connected Living solutions that offer context-driven mobility solutions for consumers, patients and citizens. Also, the Group’s Industrial IoT solution provides highly secured connection of globally spread machines in the after sales area. In addition to those identified below, principal clients of the Group for this global business line include the European Commission, French Ministry of Justice, ASIP Santé, O 2 , France Télévisions, M6, First Group, Keolis and Rail Delivery Group.

e-Ticketing C.1.3.1

Public transportation enables the cities of the world to prosper and grow, access to the transportation systems is moving to a operator and the passenger bring efficiencies into Digital strategy where open payment and account based transportation systems. The Group provides into the ticketing allow passengers to enter and exit transportation transportation market a range of solutions designed to help systems with ease. In addition improved route management deliver new digital services to their customers. E-TICKETING and enhanced customer information systems for both the

The 15 th biggest cities in the world runs our Fare Collection system

Major Global brands are our customers

More than 250 Banks are our customers

Key provider to Transport companies for:  Ticketing • e-commerce • revenue settlement • open payment solutions Worldline payment backbone and transparent regulation expertise provides market differentiator • + 40 years Transport Market experience • + €16bn of travel tickets currently sold p/a




+30 years expertise

+40 years expertise

+45 years expertise

€2.5bn train tickets sold per year in UK

Medias • Products Vehicles • Resources Personnel • Operators BPO

Terminals Acceptance Acquisition

From sale to financial settlement, the Group provides payment manage the process of issuing and validating printed and services for transport companies with over €3bn per annum electronic tickets. The Group is focused on Digital Payment for flowing through the Groups services. The Group is focused on transport where through the development and delivery of open social mobility payment and access solutions across the payment and account based ticketing solutions the Group will business process areas that deliver a better journey utilize the strength of the payment capability to provide market experience; a set of specialized back-office and retail-channel changing solutions to its customers, as the Group did in 2018 software platforms, desktop, internet and mobile devices to with Keolis for the city of Dijon in France.


Universal Registration Document 2019

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