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WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

Loyalty Platform - Loyalty Programs, BI (Business Intelligence) & Big Data Worldline offers merchants tailor-made solutions for loyalty program management, sales promotion tools and innovative self-service kiosks to enhance their relationships with their customers. These solutions are focused across the different stages of the customer journey: before, during and after the

sales process. Aim of these services is to support merchants in better targeting and adapting their offers to evolving customer expectations; in increasing the frequency of customer interaction creating new sales opportunities; and in improving returns on marketing and promotions through a better

understanding of their customers’ needs.

Financial Services C.1.2

Issuing Solutions C.1.2.1 The Group offers a broad variety of solutions along the issuing value chain. The Group’s issuing portfolio includes, amongst others, Digital Enablement Services, Identity, Trust & Authentication solutions and end-to-end Issuing Processing . The Group’s principal clients within the Issuing Business area include BNP Paribas Fortis, Belfius, ABN, Rabobank, Nexi, OP, Swisskey, PSA and Commerzbank. End-to-end Issuing Processing The Group offers issuers a complete end-to-end set of solutions for outsourcing some or all of the processes for the issuing and managing of debit, credit, prepaid and commercial cards and the processing of the related authorization requests and clearing transactions. These services are not only available for classic payment cards, but also for virtual-cards that can be stored in a digital wallet or tokenized. The Group offers issuing BINs, alleviating the burden for issuers to maintain their own licenses. When a cardholder presents a card for payment or for ATM withdrawals, the acquirer transmits a request for an authorization across the card network to the issuing bank, which provides an authorization that guarantees payment of the transaction amount. These processing activities are carried out on the Group’s servers, which are housed in its data centers and use the Group’s software platforms on behalf of the issuing bank. The Group’s robust, industrial scale processing systems are designed to securely, reliably and efficiently handle large transaction volumes with minimal lag times and include interfaces that allow the issuing bank to monitor the status of authorizations and transactions. The Group also complements this offer with on-behalf authorization solutions, where the Group stands in whenever the issuer is unavailable. In addition to technical processing of transactions, the Group offers solutions to outsource every stage of the card life cycle, including application management, card issuance and personalization, statement production, chargebacks processing, settlement and call-center support.

The payments industry is changing rapidly, triggered by transformative technological innovation, new regulations, regionalism and increasing competition. Payment Services Users (e.g. businesses, governments and consumers) want to be able to initiate payments at any time, in every context and across any channel. As one of the pan-European leaders in financial processing, Worldline Financial Services invests heavily in new and innovative solutions for account payment and card transactions, also developed by its expert brand equensWorldline. Financial Services helps clients adapt to the new reality of instant payments, open banking and digital transactions, enabling them to transform their business and operating models, manage risks and fraud and anticipate regulatory changes anywhere in the world. Leveraging the Group’s scale and complete service portfolio, Financial Services works closely with clients to help them prepare for a future full of opportunities. The Financial Services Global Business Line is grouped in four business areas and operates under two brands, equensWorldline and Worldline: Issuing Solutions; ● Acquiring Solutions; ● Account Payments; ● Digital Services. ● Worldline Financial Services is consolidating payment processing in Europe. More than 320 financial institutions entrust their services to Worldline. The Group has approximately 125 million payment cards under management and processes circa 11 billion card transactions and circa 13 billion payment transactions per annum. Worldline Financial Services has leading market positions in key European geographic markets including France, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the Baltics. Its client base includes numerous tier-1 financial institutions such as BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, Société Générale, Deutsche Bank and ING. Worldline Financial Services is also present outside of Europe. The Group offers Software Licensing solutions to financial institutions throughout LATAM, Africa and Asia-Pacific region. Financial Services generated revenue of € 918.4 million in 2019 with an OMDA margin of 33.4% (€ 307.2 million).


Universal Registration Document 2019

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