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WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

Omni-channel payment C.1.1.3 acceptance

provides a dynamic choice of acquirer or payment scheme helping merchants in optimizing financial conditions.

White Label service for banks, acquirers and PSP’s The world of web merchants is getting more complex as the number of available payment methods is rapidly increasing. Worldline assists banks, acquirers and payment service providers to make the lives of their merchants easier. Some of our services are white labelled, which allows clients to respond rapidly to the needs of their customers, while maintaining their brand’s position in the market. Worldline White Label PSP solution provides an easy way to become a payment service provider. It relieves its partners from practical and financial burdens connected to starting from scratch and allows them to remain focused on their primary commercial activities, such as marketing and sales. Merchant aggregator In the domain of merchant aggregation (so called super merchant constructions and sub merchant constructions), Worldline offers Merchant Aggregator services leveraging on its bank relationships. Worldline developed its offering based on two models, strongly differentiating from competition: Core aggregation (Worldline acts as a Payment Facilitator ● undertaking end-to-end aggregation from merchant sourcing, contracts, risk underwriting, processing of transactions with schemes along with settlement and payment); Hybrid aggregation (Worldline acts as a Technology ● Enabler for merchants - sourcing merchants, executing tripartite agreement with merchants and underwriting risk, processing transactions through schemes and partner banks settling merchant payments). Digital Retail C.1.1.4 Through Digital Retail, Worldline aims to convert the neutral to negative perception generally associated with payments into a positive one by providing value-added services which enhance the overall customer experience. Worldline is present in every step of the value-chain and assists B2B and B2C merchants in placing their customers in the center of their attention Worldline’s Digital Retail division combines: Digital Retail offerings, covering the full digital commerce ● lifecycle for merchants starting with the self-onboarding and following their lifecycle with self-service on the MyPortal platform; Value added services, such as Private Label Cards, Loyalty ● Services, Merchant Loan and Merchant Apps on YUMi and Valina terminals.

Worldline Acceptance services cover all merchant needs, allowing its clients to manage payments at their point of sales through a single platform, including online payments (e-Payment), mobile payments and proximity payments (POS terminal). Examples of clients Worldline provides these services to include Casino, Darty, PayPal, Spotify, Expedia, Airbnb, McDonald’s, C-discount, HMRC and various British rail companies. One Commerce Hub Worldline is developing One Commerce Hub, a global omni-channel payment gateway offering one single platform for pan-European in-store and global omni-channel payments for multi-country merchants. One Commerce Hub allows merchants to accept local and international payment methods used for purchases on their sites (online and in face to face contexts) supporting coherently and transparently the entire transaction lifecycle across all the different channels, countries and across new omni-channel use cases. As an omni-channel payment gateway (fully complying with GDPR-regulation and PCI data security standards) WL One Commerce Hub enables merchants to accept well over 200 payment types, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets and private label payment cards. WL One Commerce Hub also supports various local schemes in face to face (POS terminal) in various European countries and a global geographic coverage for “card not present” transactions. WL One Commerce Hub as a single platform for all payments allows merchants to expand their business in new markets with optimized transaction costs. It also enables them to deliver an omni-channel client experience, like ‘try and pay later’ services. The WL One Commerce Hub has a modular design, which allows Worldline to provide end-to-end one-store shop services, combining payment devices, digital solutions, commercial acquiring, alternative payment methods acceptance and data management. But it also allows for ‘à la carte’ solutions, in which merchants can pick from Worldline’s wide portfolio of solutions and products and features, including e.g.: In-store and online payment acceptance, Transaction lifecycle management, Unified reporting, Customer insight (Data analytics), Tokenization, One-click payment, Recurring payments, Fraud prevention, Account updater, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Money remittance.

User experience

Apart from the standardization of the solutions at the POS and the concentration of payments to a single global platform, One Commerce Hub enables new user experiences like Endless Aisle, Click and Collect, Click and Return with a consistent user experience across all the different purchasing channels. This


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