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THE PAYMENT INDUSTRY Other services in and around the payment value chain

Data Analytics and Card-Linked Offers. Data analytics ● and card-linked offer services provide banks with data mining solutions that can be used to analyse cardholder

payment data to propose targeted offers to cardholders like digital marketing or real time loyalty (as well as to merchants, when permitted by local regulators).

New digital businesses B.3.3

The third component of the extended payment services ecosystem in which the Worldline Group operates is services for emerging digital businesses with an embedded payment feature ( e-Ticketing for Transport, Trusted Digitization , Connected Living). Leveraging the digital revolution to promote new businesses and new business models, these new players are driving new payment transactions and creating new opportunities. The Group brings its payment and regulation expertise to these new markets and focuses on three main categories of new digital businesses: e-Ticketing and Journey management Solutions for ● Transport Authorities, Transport Operators and cities. The transport market is at the verge of a new revolution with Open Payment which Infoholic forecast to grow to $ 14.19 bn by 2023 with a 19.7% CAGR. By transforming bank cards into tickets, Open Payment is helping transport companies to reduce their cost, create new revenue opportunities and reinvent customer experience; Trusted Digitization. It addresses the growing market of ● digital contracts, legal archiving, electronic secured communications, and paperless transactions in general; mostly for large organizations, typically Central or local government or former public monopolies; organizations under strict regulations such as Telecom or Utilities. Digital services for governments provide tax collection services as well as secure paperless systems for public services. These systems are optimized through the digitization of

processes for citizens, including implementation of national digital identity schemes, the enabling of electronic payments (taxes, fines, etc.), and e-healthcare services, as well through a variety of trusted services, including track & trace solutions, e-contracts and electronic invoicing, legal archiving solutions for companies and e-safe services for individuals. According to Secure Identity Alliance, e-Government services will yield up to $ 50 billion annual savings by 2020; e-Consumer & Mobility Services. This market includes ● Connected Living services such as Global Business Lines connected home and vehicles, industrial IOT, as well as consumer cloud and cloud contact services. The IOT market will continue to grow steeply, specific analyst predictions relevant for the Group’s IOT focus areas: Allied estimates that the Usage-Based Insurance Market ● will reach $ 123 bn globally by 2022, 91 million homes will be smart in North America and ● Europe by 2020 according to Berg Insights and, IndustryArc estimates that the Industrial IoT market will ● grow at a CAGR of 21%, reaching $ 123,8 billion in 2021, GSMA quote Machina Research’s forecast which estimate ● that the global market for connected vehicles should reach $ 253 billion until 2025.


Universal Registration Document 2019

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