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The payments industry is complex and dynamic and going forward Worldline expects it to continue to grow and evolve. integrated experiences, the processes to support these electronic payment mechanisms (card and non-card based) are made up of complex infrastructures involving multiple The basic principles in any payment are the same: there are parties, processes and technologies and within strong always payers, payees and the stakeholders which enable the regulatory frameworks.

exchanges of value to be done in a safe and secure manner. However, stakeholders are facing increasing challenges as they respond to trends, technological advances, regulations and an increasingly competitive environment. Whilst the customer facing side focuses on ever more seamless and

Worldline is a key enabler in this complex industry and is supporting multiple payment instruments along the whole value chain.

Card Payments B.1

The most commonly known payment instrument is still the card. Below is a typical four-party model, which clearly demonstrates the complexity of the ecosystem. TODAY’S TYPICAL INDUSTRY PAYMENT FOUR-PARTY CARD CHAIN

Network Visa, Mastercard….

Cards incentive

Scheme fee

Scheme fee

3 rd party processor e.g. Worldline

3 rd party processor e.g. Worldline

Card acquirer / Merchant Service e.g. Worldline

Card issuer

Interchange fee Variable depending on country and payment mea

Cardholder fee

Cardholder incentive

Merchant Service Charge



Source: Worldline


Universal Registration Document 2019

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