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EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Reducing our environmental footprint [GRI 419-1]

ISO 14001 certification training sessions. In 2019, ● Worldline has provided to its employees a new e-learning on environmental topics, specifically presenting the ISO 14001 certification in 5 languages. Another online training course entitled “Sustainability Improvement” is also available in four languages. These training modules aim to explain what sustainability is, especially for the IT sector and how the Company is addressing the key environmental challenges of its sector through its sustainability program. In 2019, 9.61% of Worldline total workforce across all locations received a new internal training on environmental issues, out of a target of 60% to be achieved by 2025. Organization by Worldline of the WeGreenIT conference ● with the participation of the WWF France , Atos and Dell Technologies in Bezons (France) in February 2019, following Worldline’s participation to the WeGreenIT study published by WWF France and the Green IT Club. This conference tackled the major environmental challenges linked to the digital world, such as global warming or the pressure on abiotic resources. It also raised awareness about IT best practices to implement in order to reduce the environmental footprint of IT and digital uses. Worldline supports environmental scientific research through Under The Pole expedition Since end of 2017, Worldline has committed to support an ambitious scientist research program on four years to accelerate research and help protect the environment by bringing its technological expertise. This sponsorship is also an opportunity to raise awareness among its employees. This scientific program takes the form of The Under The Pole (UTP) III submarine expedition. This expedition, directed by Ghislain and Emmanuelle Bardout, is supported by Explore private funding organization, created in 2013 under the impulse of the explorer Roland Jourdain to develop exploration projects combining science, innovation and awareness and responding to major environmental issues. This third adventure of the Under the Pole expedition series is dedicated to an underwater exploration of the deep ecosystems of the “Twilight Zone” (between 30 and 150 meters below the surface). From 2017 to 2021, a team of divers and scientists from CRIOBE-CNRS is sailing all around the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, collecting new species samples, photos, high definition videos and studying marine life. Tremendous volumes of data are thus gathered to be shared with the scientific communities across the globe and with the public, to educate us all.

This governance approach has already proved effective and is in line with local and global environmental regulations. Besides, by improving the Company’s environmental performance, notably relating to energy efficiency and carbon reduction, it not only enables to mitigate risks, but also to provide opportunities for alternative ways of working, better operating efficiency and potential cost savings. Finally, during the 2019 financial year, Worldline was not fined or subject of any administrative, legal or arbitration proceedings (including those of which Worldline is aware and which could pose a threat to the Company) having taken place or which could have a significant impact on Worldline’s financial position or profitability. The Company confirms that it complies fully with local environmental regulations [GRI 419-1]. An environmental awareness that D. includes all employees Local and global initiatives to encourage eco-friendly behaviors in office Worldline has implemented several initiatives to increase its employees’ awareness on environmental issues and encourage them to actively adopt eco-responsible behaviors that help reduce the environmental impact of their site. Internal communications are also regularly made to share Worldline’s sustainability strategy, commitments and achievements through newsletters as well as through different events presented as follow. The 2019 European Sustainable Development Week ● (ESDW) event , which involved many employees on different CSR focus, including environmental challenges such as energy consumption. During this event, a global webinar on sustainability was organized with Worldline CEO, targeting all employees. Worldline also distributed electronically a sustainability booklet for its employees entitled “How to be a Worldliner with a sustainable lifestyle”, an inspirational step-by-step guide to measure one’s footprint and to consume less, save more and live better (refer to Section D. The 2019 European Mobility Week event. During this ● event from September 16 to 20 2019, Worldline proposed a series of local initiatives to employees organized by groups of volunteers in each location and aiming to propose alternative and more sustainable mobility solutions. All European countries participated to the event, with even initiatives in India. Environmental Posters in each Worldline site. In 2019, the ● environmental infographics that were already displayed in France and that convey key figures on Worldline's footprint as well as key eco-practices to implement for employee, have been designed to be adapted at an international level.


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