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Stock Options/Performance Shares The Board of Directors decided, during its meeting held on July 24, 2019, and upon the recommendation of the nomination and remuneration committee, to proceed with the allocation of a maximum of 98,600 stock-options and 326.965 ordinary performance shares of the Company in favor of the Worldline Senior Executive Officers and other eligible individuals part of the Group Executive Management team and part of the first managerial lines of Worldline, key talents, key experts and selected juniors.

The characteristics of the performance shares and stock-options plans are identical to the plans described in Section [G.3.2] to the benefit of the Senior Executive Officers. Performance shares and/or stock-options plans have also been decided in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The details of those plans are available in the registration document for the concerned year. Besides, detailed information on the number of outstanding shares or stock options relating to previous grants and on the achievement of the performance conditions are available in Sections [G.3.2.8. and G.3.2.10].

Promote training & human capital development D.3.4

[GRI 404-1] [GRI 404-2] [GRI 404-3] [GRI 103-2 Indirect Economic Impacts] and [GRI 103 Training and Education]

To create a competitive advantage, companies need to learn faster than their competitors, organizations need to maintain skills development of its employees to keep the organization knowledge about new products and processes, understand dynamic and prepared for change. In this regards, Worldline what is happening in the outside environment and produce continuously strives to be a learning company and regularly creative solutions using the knowledge and skills of all within thinks about how to bring learning to its people in different the organization. Given the critical aspect of learning in an ways. innovative and high-skilled IT company in a context of permanent change, Worldline puts a specific priority on the

Skills development@Worldline [GRI 103-2 Training and Education] D.3.4.1 and [GRI 103-2 Indirect Economic Impacts]

To ensure the quality and relevancy of its trainings, Worldline related to the classroom training they have performed to has set a TRUST 2020 objective in the area of Learning & assess their satisfaction. Based on the results, Worldline sets Development: 90% of its employees need to be satisfied with and implements an action plan per country to further improve the trainings provided by the Company by 2020. Thus, on an the trainings. In the beginning of 2020, the participation rate to annual basis, Worldline sends to all its employees a survey this survey was 20%.


Universal Registration Document 2019

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