Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document


Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Using digital technology responsibly to accelerate positive change

̏The Group is strongly committed to taking the challenges posed by social and environmental changes into account in its business and using digital technology to accelerate positive change˝

action to help the most vulnerable populations through extensive solidarity programmes focused on digital inclusion. Sopra Steria has a long-established culture of solidarity at every level of the organisation. As the Sopra Steria– Institut de France Foundation celebrates its 20th birthday in 2021, we share our pride in it with all the employees and non-profit organisations who work every day with the Group’s support. Lastly, for the fourth year running the CDP has recognised Sopra Steria as a global leader on action to address cl imate change and protect the environment, including the Group on its climate change A-List. This renewed recognition bolsters our strategy on net zero emissions, which we aim to achieve across all our direct and indirect activities by 2028. Through this strong and decisive commitment, we want to be the partner of choice for our clients, helping them address their own environmental challenges as we develop our business. Our ability to manage change, work together and stay the course over the long haul is a key strength that will help us, as a Group, continue to help build a more sustainable world.

environmental changes into account in its business and using digital technology to accelerate positive change. The crisis has prompted us to strengthen our sustainability strategy, which we have been able to successfully leverage by working with all our stakeholders to more quickly build resilience all along our value chain. At the heart of our employee policy, we have continued to work towards greater diversity and equal opportunities, setting ambitious targets for all Group entities. We have continued with our skills development programmes to enable us to anticipate and respond to our clients’ evolving needs. During exceptional periods when the coronavirus crisis meant working from home became a necessity, we very quickly adapted the Group’s working practices and put in place measures to provide our employees with all the support they needed. We maintained employment levels, stepped up our training programmes and continued to recruit. The digital isation of the economy, education, training and learning has accelerated sharply in an irreversible trend that has further heightened social inequality. All Group entities have taken

Vincent Paris Chief Executive Officer

The world is having to simultaneously reckon with unprecedented upheavals in the areas of climate, public health, society and technology. These upheavals will have a lasting impact on all economies and make populations more vulnerable. They pave the way for far- reaching changes that we must seize to transform our lifestyles and growth models. The events of 2020 prompted greater awareness of these issues, heightening the need for citizen engagement in response to a search for meaning and purpose within society. Our policy on corporate responsibility in support of a more sustainable world resonates strongly with the current environment. The Group is resolutely committed to taking the challenges posed by social and

Foreword This is the third year since the new Statement of Non-Financial Performance (SNFP) was introduced. This year, as part of its Universal Registration Document, Sopra Steria is publishing a Corporate Responsibility Report incorporating information (relating to the workforce, the environment, society, human rights, anti-corruption measures and the prevention of tax evasion) relevant to the Group’s key non- financial risks, as required by the SNFP rules, as well as voluntarily reporting all helpful and important labour-related, environmental and social information under the banner of Sopra Steria’s corporate responsibility programme. The Group’s business model is described in the “Business model and value chain” section within the integrated overview of Sopra Steria, of this Universal Registration Document (pages 8 to 9). Key risks and methodology together with policies, procedures and actions to manage and control these risks, including non-financial risks, are set out in Chapter 2 of this Universal Registration Document (pages 35 to 50).



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