Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document



Acronyms AMF: Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French Financial p Markets Authority) ANSSI: Agence National de la Sécurité des Systèmes p d'Information (French IT Security Agency) API: Application programming interface p BPS: Business process services p CNIL: Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés p (French data protection authority) COP21: 2015 Paris climate change conference p DevSecOps: Development - Security - Operations p DLP: Data loss prevention p DRM: Digital rights management p DSI: Direction des Services Informatiques (Information Services p Department) GAFA: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (“Big Four” tech p companies) GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation p HR: Human Resources p ILO: International Labor Organization p LPM: Military Planning Act (“Loi de programmation militaire”, p Law no. 2013-1168 of 18 December 2013) NIS: Network information system p PaaS: Platform as a Service p PLM: Product lifecycle management p SaaS: Software as a Service p SNFP: Statement of Non-Financial Performance p SOC: Security operations centre p

Alternative performance indicators Restated revenue: revenue for the prior year, expressed on p the basis of the scope and exchange rates for the current year. Organic revenue growth: increase in revenue between the p period under review and restated revenue for the same period in the prior financial year. EBITDA: this measure, as defined in the Universal Registration p Document, is equal to consolidated operating profit on business activity after adding back depreciation, amortisation and provisions included in operating profit on business activity. Operating profit on business activity: this measure, as p defined in the Universal Registration Document, is equal to profit from recurring operations adjusted to exclude the share-based payment expense for stock options and free shares and charges to amortisation of allocated intangible assets. Profit from recurring operations: this measure is equal to p operating profit before other operating income and expenses, which includes any particularly significant items of operating income and expense that are unusual, abnormal, infrequent or not predictive, presented separately in order to give a clearer picture of performance based on ordinary activities. Basic recurring earnings per share: this measure is equal p to basic earnings per share before other operating income and expenses net of tax. Free cash flow: free cash flow is defined as the net cash p from operating activities, less investments (net of disposals) in property, plant & equipment, and intangible assets, less net interest paid and less additional contributions to address any deficits in defined-benefit pension plans. Downtime: Number of days between two contracts p (excluding training, sick leave, other leave and pre-sale) divided by the total number of business days

UN: United Nations p UX: User experience p WEPs: Women Empowerment Principles p



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