Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document

8 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Regulatory disclosures in 2020

Regulatory disclosures in 2020 4.

Press releases for ongoing disclosure obligation 4.1.

Universal Registration Document (formerly Registration 4.2. Document) including the Annual Financial Report and updates

27/11/2020 p Sopra Steria Group: 2021 financial calendar 25/11/2020 p Cyberattack: updated information 17/11/2020 p Proposed acquisition of Fidor Solutions, the software subsidiary and digital banking specialist of next-generation bank Fidor Bank 28/10/2020 p Q3 2020 revenue 26/10/2020 p Cyberattack information update 21/10/2020 p Information about a cyberattack 16/09/2020 p Sopra Steria finalised the acquisition of a controlling interest representing 94.03% of Sodifrance’s share capital 03/08/2020 p Sopra Steria Group: Publication of the 2020 Half-Year Financial Report 29/07/2020 p 2020 Half-year results 09/07/2020 p Sopra Steria signs acquisition agreement with Sodifrance to create a French leader in digital services for insurers and social security providers 09/06/2020 p Appointment of John Neilson as Chief Executive Officer of Sopra Steria UK and Asia 20/05/2020 p Sopra Financing Platform contributes to Fuel Hyundai Capital’s expansion in the US market 14/05/2020 p Combined General Meeting of 9 June 2020 — Arrangements for making preparatory documents available 11/05/2020 p The General Meeting of 9 June 2020 will be held in closed session on an exceptional basis 24/04/2020 p Q1 2020 revenue 15/04/2020 p Sopra Banking Software releases Cassiopae V4.7 as scheduled 14/04/2020 p 14/04/2020 Press release containing regulated information - Press release announcing publication of the 2019 Universal registration document/Annual Financial Report 09/04/2020 p 09/04/2020 Sopra Steria suspends its 2020 guidance and will submit a resolution at the next General Meeting to forgo distribution of a dividend in respect of financial year 2019 02/03/2020 p opra Steria acquires experience design consultancy cxpartners in the United Kingdom 21/02/2020 p 2019 Full-year results 21/02/2020 p Sopra Steria announces plans to acquire Sodifrance

14/04/2020 p 2019 Universal Registration Document

Interim financial report 4.3.

03/08/2020 p 2020 Half-year financial report

Quarterly financial reporting 4.4.

28/10/2020 p Q3 2020 revenue 24/04/2020 p Q1 2020 revenue

Monthly disclosures of total voting rights and shares 4.5.

12 monthly disclosure forms. p 27/04/2020 p Filing of the total number of voting rights and shares

making up the share capital at 22 April 2020, the date of publication of the meeting notice in the BALO of the General Meeting of 9 June 2020

— Creation of a French leader in digital services dedicated to the insurance and social security sector



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