Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document


# ' ()'* )*' " # " #) # !$* ( '+ ( HG $ ' + #* With over 5,000 experts worldwide and more than 15 years’ experience in developing our outsourcing service centres in Europe and India, Sopra Steria – a leader in the hybridisation of information systems and a major player in digital transformation – provides support for all technological, organisational and security-focused information system transformation projects, from consulting to execution, in the IT and cloud infrastructure management sector. This area of expertise covers three service categories that are essential to support information system transformation for our clients: Infrastructure and Cloud Services , a comprehensive range of p solutions spanning all customisable services relating to the cloud, including CloudAssessment, CloudMigrationFactory, CloudArchitecture, CloudEconomics and CloudOps, as well as all IT services relating to servers, networks, storage and backup, with the aim of optimising the availability and performance of our clients’ applications. This is in addition to our hosting services within our data centres in Europe, which feature ISO 27001 and HDS (French healthcare data hosting) certification. Our catalogue of integrated services lets us provide end-to-end management of our clients’ applications in hybrid environments, as well as changes to these applications and interconnections with applications hosted in the cloud. User Experience Services , an intelligent services platform to p better serve our clients’ employees and enhance the effectiveness of client services, including digital workplace, technological and business support and AI services. Consulting Services , a set of value propositions for the p co-management and operation of our clients’ transformation projects, provided across the other service categories listed above. Combining consulting, architecture and multimodal delivery, our teams work more specifically on transformation and managed services projects in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. At Sopra Steria, we also assist our clients with their strategic cloud-native, cloud-first or “data centre-less” initiatives. Sopra Steria deploys and operates proven and customisable solutions for post go-live optimisation, continuity of service and data management, ranging from DevSecOps services, live services and API services to smart data services, in order to ensure reliability and a high level of application availability. With around 1000 experts and several state-of-the-art cybersecurity centres in Europe and worldwide (France, United Kingdom, Singapore, Norway, Belgium, Poland, India), Sopra Steria is a global player in protecting critical systems and sensitive information assets for major institutional and private clients. Cybersecurity covers six key areas of expertise: Cyber Resilience , which comprises crisis management p (anticipating or following up on a major security incident) at the levels of the Executive Committee, Information Systems Department and CISO, and complex remediation including partial or complete reconstruction of the IT system; Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC): High value-added p consulting service offerings coupled with GRC solution integration in order to provide well-equipped security governance focused on managing business risks. In the area of regulatory compliance, Sopra Steria’s comprehensive support to ensure . '( *' ). ( '+ (

compliance with major French and European regulations (LPM/NIS, CNIL/GDPR, export control, etc.) is based on the legal and operational expertise of our consultants; Application Security: A complete programme for securing p applications, including a “Security by Design” project approach and a unique code review as a service (CRaaS) production capacity made possible by our cybersecurity centres; Cloud Security services: Sopra Steria Cloud Security Services p covers compliance with the frameworks concerned, “secure by design” principles, application security and overall monitoring of public cloud and multi-cloud environments; Data Security: A comprehensive programme, extending from p business-related risks to protection and surveillance measures, designed for hybrid environments (legacy, cloud) and leveraging the best of big data and data science technologies; Security Intelligence Centre (SIC): A scalable Security p Operations Centre (SOC) offering that may be used by the organisations known in France as opérateurs d’importance vitale, or OIVs (identified by the French state as having activities that are vital or hazardous for the population), in line with Sopra Steria’s certification as an authorised security incident detection service provider (PDIS) by the ANSSI, the French networks and information security agency. The leading offering of its kind in France, this type of SOC combines information management and artificial intelligence to anticipate, detect, analyse and respond to cyberattacks as quickly and accurately as possible. This comprehensive offering is suited for any environment and provides a tangible solution for the security issues specific to industrial systems. $ ' + #* Sopra Steria offers its business expertise to clients via packaged solutions in three areas: banks and other financial institutions via Sopra Banking Software, human resources personnel via Sopra HR Software, and real estate owners and agents with its property management solutions. The Group offers its clients the most powerful solutions, in line with their objectives and representing the state of the art in terms of technology, know-how and expertise in each of these three areas. Sopra Banking Software: Solutions developer for the financial services industry Drawing on its technologies and the strength of its commitment, Sopra Banking Software, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, supports its clients – financial institutions – all over the world on a daily basis. The customer experience, operational excellence, cost control, compliance and risk reduction are among the key transformation priorities for: banks in Europe and Africa: from direct- and branch-based retail p banks and private banks to microfinance companies, Islamic financial institutions and centralised payment or credit factories; financing and lending institutions around the world: serving p individuals and companies, the automotive and capital goods sectors, as well as equipment and real estate leasing and even market financing. With over 5,000 experts and 55 offices worldwide, Sopra Banking Software addresses its clients’ challenges across all geographies and in all business areas, covering issues such as communicating new offerings, the quality of customer relationships, production, accounting integration and regulatory reporting. + !$%" #) $ *( # (( ($!*) $#( H



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