Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document


Environmental responsibility: Innovating all along our value chain

Training: p E-learning module on digital eco-friendly actions made • available to all employees: more than 3,000 employees have received this training in France since it was launched in September 2020. The training was rolled out to the Group’s other geographies in January 2021, Eco-design training: training in the product and service life • cycle and environmentally responsible design practices was rolled out in France at the end of 2020. Rollout will continue across the Group’s other geographies, Environmental responsibility and digital sobriety training course • opened up to the whole of the Group via the CorpAcademy platform; Communications campaigns: p Awareness campaign to drastically reduce the amount of • printing at many Group entities, Digital sobriety awareness: use of e-mail, rationalisation of • collaborative workspaces and impact of data feeds. Major recognition: The Group’s high level of commitment and the results of its environmental policy have now garnered international recognition, making Sopra Steria a flagship company in this area. CDP Climate Change A List: The relevant information is set out in p Section 1.2, “Major recognition”, of this chapter (page 104). This recognition received by the Group is also described in the CDP publication “Stories of Change 2020”. CDP Supplier Engagement Leader: The relevant information is set p out in Section 1.2, “Major recognition”, of this chapter (page 104). EcoVadis: Sopra Steria achieved an EcoVadis score of 90 out of p 100 for its environmental programme, making it one of the top performers in the environmental area. # $*' + !* %'$%$( ) $# Responsible digital technology represents a major driver of economic and social development provided that it factors all the environmental impacts of its lifecycle (from design to end of life, including usage). It is thus crucial to support the development of digital technology for the benefit of society by adopting a responsible approach that accommodates both the “Sustainable IT” and “IT for Sustainability” dimensions. Sopra Steria, a key player leading the digital transformation in Europe, supports its customers’ major digital transformation projects by paying close attention to sustainable development priorities in the development of its solutions and services. In particular, the aim is to measure the impact of the solutions and services we provide to our clients, taking into account the environmental challenges they face, so as to clarify their choices as they digitally transition their business. # !* # ) ! (*() # ! ).

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment p (IEMA): Sopra Steria supported the IEMA and its working group on disruptive technologies and the digital economy, including in particular projects on energy transition, smart food and agriculture, smart transport for sustainable cities and sustainable infrastructure for climate-smart cities. Grande Cause Environnement : Information on this p programme, of which the Group is a founding partner, is set out in Section 3.2, “Innovation and strategic partnerships”, of this chapter (page 117). Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation: The Sopra p Steria-Institut de France Foundation awarded its “ Entreprendre pour Demain ” Grand Prix to FarmIA and Opopop for their digital projects to protect the environment. FarmIA is a project to promote sound farming practices through the use of artificial intelligence. Opopop is a platform for the management of reusable and returnable shipping pouches to mitigate the environmental impact of e-commerce deliveries. United Nations Global Compact: Responding to the call to p action launched by the United Nations with its Global Compact, the Group joined the “Uniting Business for a Better World” pledge, along with more than 1,200 other companies worldwide, to promote peace, justice, strong institutions, adherence to the Global Compact’s 10 principles and the achievement of the SDGs. Sopra Steria has chaired Global Compact France’s GC Advanced Club since 2020. One meeting of the Club in 2020 was devoted to biodiversity. SBTi – Global Compact, WWF, WRI, CDP: In May 2020, p Sopra Steria signed the “Uniting business and governments to recover better” statement, issued jointly by We Mean Business and SBTi. Technology partners The Group’s key cloud suppliers are very proactive about reducing p their environmental footprint. All four operators have a stated target of "net zero" emissions well ahead of UN recommendations. Two of these partners already meet 100% of their electricity consumption from renewable sources and have a CDP Climate Change score of A. IT working groups Institut du Numérique Responsable (INR): Sopra Steria Next p signed up to the Digital Responsibility Charter in December 2020. Syntec Numérique: Participated in a workshop on calculating p the proportion of a business’s revenue derived from sustainable activities and helped write the Syntec Numérique position document “Reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology” and the CSR reference document “Fully committed to corporate social responsibility: a practical guide for organisations”. NegaOctet: Participated in NegaOctet’s Advisory Board, p appointed by ADEME to help it draft an environmental framework proposing rules for calculating emissions factors and a categorisation of products used in digital services for individuals. Employees Employees' networks commited to the environment: Green p Light (France) has over 600 members; Sustainability Champions (United Kingdom) has over 100 members.



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