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Societal responsibility: Engaging all our stakeholders to build a positive future for all

employee volunteers working either in schools or remotely through videos; A partnership with the Balia Foundation in Spain promoting p employability for women at risk of exclusion; Many other local initiatives supported by employee volunteers p supplementing these educational initiatives. Developing access to digital technology for all To make digital technology accessible to all, local initiatives involving clients, partners and employees were able to continue either before or during the crisis. In 2020 in France , the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation supported 17 digital community projects with a social or environmental dimension sponsored by employees. For example, non-profit organisation Adiléos runs a digital services portal for

marginalised or disadvantaged people and their social workers at more than 76 social welfare organisations, with the help of ten volunteers. In 2020, the Foundation rewarded the winners of the Prix Entreprendre pour Demain , which recognises talented students and young entrepreneurs, taking as its theme “Responsible digital transformation for the good of the planet” (see insert). During the crisis, the Foundation made large donations to four public interest organisations that launched initiatives aimed at those hit hardest: the Foundation, Fondation Simplon , non-profit Vendredi and Maisons d’Enfants de la Côte d’Opale . In Norway, Sopra Steria continues its support for social entrepreneurship, with employees engaging in pro-bono missions and volunteering to provide computing classes for female immigrants. Coding lessons for hospitalised children were able to continue remotely with the help of volunteers.

Employee engagement platforms Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, many employees have expressed an interest in taking part in public interest initiatives. The Group has set up digital platforms to support and manage employee engagement in this area in France and the United Kingdom. In France, 20,000 employees can now use the Vendredi platform to offer volunteering or skills sponsorship to more than 500 non-profit organisations. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the Tech for Good Hub was rolled out in the second half of 2020. This platform facilitates fundraising and employee volunteering in support of hundreds of non-profits. Prix Entreprendre pour Demain The Prix Entreprendre pour Demain (Entrepreneurship for tomorrow) awards of the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation, aim to support community engagement among the younger generation. The awards recognise digital solutions to societal issues. The students and young entrepreneurs who win this prize receive financial sponsorship and operational guidance in successfully completing their projects, provided by mentors from the Group. In 2020, the “Responsible digital technology for the good of the planet” award was sponsored by Luc Hardy, an explorer and tech investor committed to protecting the environment. The student award went to the FarmIA team from Télécom SudParis for an agriculture project incorporating artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the young entrepreneurs award went to the Opopop team for its project to reduce the amount of packaging used in e-commerce. In 2021, the Prix Entreprendre pour Demain will be dedicated to digital technology and human fragility. Tech for Good partnerships The Tech for Good programme, launched in 2019 in the United Kingdom, continued to support public interest initiatives in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. At the beginning of 2020, a thousand children at 15 schools were invited to take part in a major competition to develop their skills in these areas, in partnership with WildHearts Micro-Tyco. After being interrupted during the coronavirus crisis, the programme resumed in October in a virtual environment. Students were asked to propose a product or solution responding to one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with the help of around 30 Sopra Steria volunteers.

Regional impact 3.6. Reinforcing the Group’s positive regional impact

Water rights Sopra Steria has for several years been supporting international organisations working to protect the oceans through financial sponsorship and skills. The main organisations supported are: Fondation de la Mer : this new partnership was kicked off in 2020 p to support educational initiatives aimed at young people and motivate them to protect the ocean; Join for Water: this project, launched in Belgium in 2019, aims to p develop access to safe drinking water and improve sanitation facilities for deprived people in the Mpanga catchment in Uganda; Following the drinking water towers that were set up at several p schools in India with the support of Planet Water Foundation, studies are being undertaken to provide new drinking water access solutions to supplement these measures.

Sopra Steria has a significant impact on regions and communities, given its size, its local roots and the number of new staff joining the Group each year. It is a leading employer, with 45,960 employees across 25 countries, particularly in Europe. It is also a major recruiter in regions where the Group operates. Despite the scale of the health crisis that crippled the economy, the Group took on 6,133 new hires in 2020. The relevant information is set out in Section 2.2.1, “Attracting and retaining more talent”, of this chapter (pages 107 to 108). As a committed corporate citizen involving its entire ecosystem, Sopra Steria ensures that, in developing its business, it takes into account economic, workforce-related, environmental and social challenges facing regions in which the Group operates, in particular among struggling or highly vulnerable populations.



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