Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document


Societal responsibility: Engaging all our stakeholders to build a positive future for all

. + #)( Collective engagement and actions to achieve a lasting impact: p 162 projects supported; p Over 1,100 volunteers; p 9 participating clients/partners; p 347 non-profits and schools supported; p Over 54,000 children assisted in 49 schools in India; p 755 students in India awarded higher education scholarships p through the Sopra Steria Scholarships Programme. To implement this policy, which involves the participation of more than 1,100 employees in all countries, Sopra Steria is supported by: A network of 23 country representatives, led and coordinated at p Group level, who implement the actions decided; Two foundations in France and India, the latter coordinating a p large educational programme along with a range of other community actions; Sponsorships and partnerships developed with public interest p organisations; Community initiatives and fundraising events in several countries p in which employees proactively take part, thus complementing the initiatives put in place under the Group’s policy; Community Day, a solidarity campaign run by the Group each p year, with the aim of making employees aware of the various actions carried out to support communities while encouraging volunteering. In 2020, the Group’s many volunteers and heads of country entities went the extra mile to promote access to digital technology and education for those hit hardest by the crisis. Providing access to quality education and improving employability In India, the education programme, which has been running for a number of years, aims to combat poverty in a country with high levels of inequality. This programme is primarily aimed at children from poor rural areas, in particular girls, who can benefit from schools located close to the company’s sites. Over 54,000 children and young people at 49 primary and p secondary schools benefit from this comprehensive educational programme and are supported in their schooling by hundreds of Sopra Steria volunteers. To further improve access to education for these young people, p Sopra Steria has developed the Sopra Steria Scholarships Programme in India to fund higher education for students from schools supported by the Group. The programme is funded by most Group countries. Since 2006, 755 students have received assistance from the Sopra Steria Scholarships Programme, with another 106 students added to the programme in 2020. In other countries where the Group operates , various projects continued to run despite the crisis: Initiatives to raise awareness among young people of the risks p associated with internet use, including the Are You Sure programme in Norway and Child Focus in Belgium, with %'$ ) + %$! . #+$!+ # ) #) ' $' # ( ) $# "%!$. ( # + ! ($ ). ' " ,$' $' '$*% ) $# )$ %'$"$) # ) ) + ( , ) ()'$# ! () # "% )

Proportion of suppliers with greenhouse gas emissions reduction p targets: the relevant information is set out in Section 4.3.4, “Reducing GHG emissions resulting from our operations” of this chapter (pages 126 to 128). Purchases of renewable electricity directly from suppliers, p purchases of International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) and Guarantees of Origin (GOs). In 2020, these certificates and direct purchases meant 95% of electricity consumption at the Group’s offices and on-site data centres was met from renewable sources. The relevant information is set out in Section 4.3.3 “Increasing our share of renewable energy”, of this chapter (page 125). Purchases of certified paper from sustainable sources. The p relevant information is set out in Section 7.2, “Summary of environmental indicators”, of this chapter (page 148). Via EcoVadis, reassess target suppliers accounting for 50% of p total expenditure. Mobilise responsible purchasing stakeholders to interact with p suppliers and achieve an EcoVadis response rate of at least 80%. Mobilising suppliers to help them improve their ratings in p EcoVadis' 2021 assessment, particularly those that did not meet Sopra Steria’s standards in the 2020 assessment. Continuing efforts to roll out at scale the Group supplier’s charter p signed by suppliers. " # $ ) + ( $' A longstanding commitment to an ethical and inclusive digital society For many years, Sopra Steria has pursued an extensive community programme in aid of disadvantaged populations to give them access to education, employment and the benefits of digital technologies, as well as safe drinking water and improved sanitation facilities. The unprecedented situation resulting from the coronavirus crisis in 2020 meant an increasing number of activities and procedures went digital, highlighting the dominant role played by digital technology in forming connections. However, it also exacerbated inequalities affecting those least able to access digital technology. The Group’s longstanding commitment to an ethical and inclusive digital society is more relevant today than ever before. The crisis has given rise to an amazing demonstration of solidarity across all countries. Many employees have, with the Group’s support, got involved in a variety of initiatives: raising funds for hospitals, supporting non-profit organisations through volunteering or skills sponsorship, taking part in coronavirus research hackathons, and many more besides. As a leading digital player with operations in many countries, Sopra Steria implements community actions having a positive and lasting impact on society, with an emphasis on digital inclusion. These actions aim to promote social and professional integration for the most vulnerable and to protect the environment. Playing a key role in the Group’s programme of actions, the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation and all Group entities give shape to these commitments through projects bringing together the Group’s employees and civil society stakeholders. The Foundation, which celebrates its 20 th birthday in 2021, constitutes a remarkable collective adventure shared by the staff and employee volunteers who demonstrate their commitment on a day-to-day basis. Community and patronage 3.5.



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