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Societal responsibility: Engaging all our stakeholders to build a positive future for all

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For example, back in 2019, the Group agreed to be the main sponsor of the “Digital, governance and sovereignty” academic chair at Sciences Po. Through this commitment, we encourage the chair’s research and teaching work to redefine the concept of sovereignty, address shifts in sovereignty and identify new use cases amid a context of digital transformation. Work published by the chair to date includes thoughts on changes in sovereignty, studies of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on digital sector players and regulation, analysis of taxation in the digital sector, blockchain, and the digital divide. The chair has also organised lecture series on blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as two annual conferences. Sopra Steria also sponsors the IHEDN’s “Cybersecurity and digital sovereignty” academic chair, whose work covers issues relating to data management and mapping the datasphere as well as legal issues. Sopra Steria is also a founding member of Campus Cyber and an active member of the non-profit Pôle d’Excellence Cyber (Cyber Centre of Excellence). Through its involvement in these organisations, the Group is helping build a cybersecurity ecosystem in France and Europe. Responsible digital technology 3.3. ) ' ! # ! ) $ ) # $' ' (%$#( ! ) ! ) #$!$ . Created by Sopra Steria Next in 2020, the Exploratoire is a do tank dedicated to addressing issues raised by the changes businesses are experiencing in relation to ethics, trust and corporate responsibility. It explores possible futures while resisting the temptation to prophesy what the world of tomorrow will look like. Its mission is to tease out, share and disseminate best practice drawing on stakeholders’ ecosystems: business networks, schools, the Group’s clients, institutions, foundations, and so on. It works with these stakeholders to map out approaches and methods for putting ethical questions at the heart of decisions and actions. To help it develop tangible solutions, the Exploratoire has set itself three goals: To think globally about various issues connected with ethics, trust p and corporate responsibility so as to develop a better, more holistic understanding of the complexity of changes that need to be made; To create a unique space where thinking on these issues can be p developed and sharpened through an approach based on open dialogue and cooperation; To promote the sharing of experience and experimentation so as p to incentivise implementation of solutions brought to light by the Exploratoire. The Exploratoire’ s work is structured around five areas of focus: trust, ethics, sovereignty, agility and the “platform company” approach. It tackles concrete issues that are of genuine concern to society and the business world. Its work takes a variety of forms – briefing notes, opinion surveys, decision-maker surveys, face-to-face and digital events, and experimental projects – always with the aim of working with an open ecosystem to explore operational solutions that benefit organisations.

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Artificial intelligence Following the Villani report, the French Government launched an artificial intelligence (AI) plan. This plan encompasses a number of initiatives including the establishment of four Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Institutions and a Grand Défi (Key Challenge) in relation to Trustworthy AI. Sopra Steria is participating in both these initiatives. The Group is thus partnering with the Toulouse Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Institution, which aims to facilitate the use of AI for human-critical applications. Research topics cover the acceptability of AI (including its social acceptability), vehicle certification and human-robot collaboration for use in Industry 4.0. The Trustworthy AI Key Challenge aims to build a platform that will produce standardised components to ensure that AI can be trusted in use. It will draw, in particular, on the findings of ANITI (Artificial and Natural Intelligence of Toulouse Institute), one of the Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Institutions to which the Group is contributing. This platform will be delivered by Sopra Steria as part of a consortium of ten industrial and technological partners. The results will be applicable to all of the Group’s sectors and verticals. Other international initiatives Group entities in Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom regularly work together on innovation projects with research institutes and universities. In particular, they contribute to work in education and research, involve researchers in their projects and develop innovative solutions. In Norway, Sopra Steria is working with Oslo University Hospital on the HoloCare solution. This work involves research and development into a new holographic imaging solution that will be used by medical staff during surgery. In Germany, employee volunteers have worked with the University of Dortmund to develop a connected drill to showcase the benefits offered by the Internet of Things. In the United Kingdom, Sopra Steria is involved in work on carbon pricing and in working groups looking at disruptive technologies and the digital economy. In Benelux, Sopra Steria is involved in working groups looking at AI and ethics, AI and health and AI and public services. In Spain, Sopra Steria has run fundraising campaigns to finance research into Covid-19 by the IGTP Institute. In France, the Group is working with Université de Technologie de Compiègne on a thesis titled “Putting data science to work for buildings and their occupants”. ($+ ' #). Digital sovereignty encompasses a range of complex issues such as the threat posed to our data by the extraterritoriality of US law, the manipulation of opinion by fake news and the use of personal data for business purposes. All these issues represent violations of French and European values. Various major countries, including France, are keen to assert their digital sovereignty, which is coming increasingly under threat. Action is being taken to defend and strengthen it both domestically and at the European level. Sopra Steria has opted to align itself with these initiatives alongside state actors and institutional bodies, to share these challenges and to help build and defend digital sovereignty. $"" )" #)( # (*%%$') $ ) !



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