Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document


Societal responsibility: Engaging all our stakeholders to build a positive future for all

experts, this approach shortens the design phase, optimises processes and helps maximise access to digital technology. ! ( + !$% # ) ! $ ##$+ ) $# Digital co-innovation – a driver of value creation in the digital revolution – brings together Sopra Steria staff and clients to work on technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, robotics, mobility and cybersecurity. This approach is supported by the Group’s DigiLabs – spaces dedicated to innovation – as well as by centres of excellence, to foster the emergence of innovative solutions. In 2020, Sopra Steria had 22 DigiLabs spread across the key geographical regions in which the Group operates. -% ' # NEXT, opened in May 2019, is a leading space dedicated to dialogue and joint development. We help our major clients untangle a situation, explore new ideas and come up with responses that meet their expectations. Located in premises in the heart of Paris measuring almost 1,000 square metres, the NEXT team helps organise high-impact client events designed to engage sustainable transformation. This encompasses feasibility studies, programme scoping, business model definition and new product and service design. " ' ) + # $'( To help it respond to client needs, particularly in relation to digital transformation, Sopra Steria partners with some of the largest software vendors and technology players in the market. Based on close day-to-day relationships and a governance structure with its own dedicated management, coordinated at Group level by a Corporate Alliance Officer, these partnerships ensure that # -) (% ) )$ # , ! #) ()' ) . $ % ')# ' # , ) ! #

Sopra Steria staff have a high level of expertise in market-leading solutions and technologies. This enables us to offer our clients optimal efficiency in project implementation through an approach built on co-innovation, industrialisation and R&D. These alliances enable us to take advantage of partner expertise and solutions in the area of sustainable IT such as environmental footprint calculators and eco-design tools, and to take part in the development of environmentally friendly artificial intelligence solutions. The Group’s strategic partners include Axway, AWS, Dassault Systèmes, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Orange, Oracle, OVH, PEGA, SAP and Salesforce. As an example, during the health crisis, teams worked with Salesforce to develop an innovative solution named Q@Home that allows users to go online and pre-book time slots to enable them to safely visit stores, restaurants, post offices and pharmacies while observing social distancing requirements. ##$+ ) + *'$% # ) ! $(.() " Sopra Steria is working to address the strategic challenges faced by each of the major industry sectors in which it operates, positioning itself as an architect and integrator of innovative solutions. Sopra Steria Ventures is working with over 50 start-ups, involving them in projects, investing in their equity, either directly or through investment funds in targeted areas, or setting up joint ventures. These partnerships support solutions produced by the Group’s specialised software vendors: Sopra Banking Software, Sopra HR Software and Sopra Real Estate Software. They also help address business challenges facing the Group’s key industry sectors, in specific areas of expertise or emerging technologies. Lastly, through Sopra Steria Ventures, the Group is affirming its stance on digital sovereignty in France and Europe by supporting only European start-ups. ($%' G() ' + #)*' ( G * ! # #


At the end of 2019, Sopra Steria became a founding partner of Foundation for seven months to manage the the Grande Cause Environnement initiative “How can we transformation phase. The work done during this phase helped immediately work together for the environment?” launched by identify, coordinate and manage the shared development of This cause aims to mobilise civil society and citizens to around ten tangible, sustainable projects with other partners of combat climate change and work to protect the environment. the Grande Cause Environnement initiative. Ten or so Sopra Steria is an independent, citizen-based platform that promotes employees also took part in transformation workshops aimed at mass engagement and cooperation in civil society. Its aim is to drawing the action plan.

have a direct, systemic and decisive impact by bringing together a coalition of stakeholders: businesses, foundations, non-profit organisations, media, schools and universities, and citizens. The Grande Cause Environnement initiative involves Sopra Steria and its employees working together to move from ideas to action in the space of three years. Over half a million citizens took part in the consultation, including nearly 3,000 Sopra Steria employees, with 2.3 million votes cast for 13,600 proposals put forward. A strong consensus emerged around civil society expectations in seven key areas: waste, energy and resources, nature and biodiversity, food and agriculture, transport, education and fiscal policy. Sopra Steria made an organisational consultant with expertise in the energy and environment sectors available to the

The action plan is scheduled to be publicly announced in May 2021. During this final phase, the selected projects will be launched. Projects will be managed, implemented and measured in conjunction with partners, with the aim of making a genuine impact on French society. The Group will also encourage its employees to take part in implementing these projects through a skills sponsorship programme. Through being fully involved in’s Grande Cause Environnement initiative, Sopra Steria wishes to strengthen its commitment to the responsible use of digital technology to address both social and environmental issues.



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