Sopra Steria - 2020 Universal registration document


Social responsibility: A committed and responsible collective effort


Recruitment : the Group maintained commitments given to p applicants who had signed an employment contract or internship agreement before the first lockdown was announced in March. However: With lockdown measures severely affecting the global • economy, the number of new hires declined correspondingly; 6,133 new hires (vs. 10,844 in 2019), with an increase in the proportion of women (34%, vs. 33.1% in 2019). Recruitment remained strong among under-25s, accounting for 29.5% of new hires (vs. 35% in 2019), The number of interns and work-linked training students • declined significantly: 846 interns hosted in 2020, vs. 1,562 in 2019 (64% of scope: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia); 557 work-linked training students in 2020, vs. 837 in 2019 (41.8% of scope: France), Retention : keeping in contact with and retaining employees p were both key priorities. The induction process was adapted to a virtual format as soon as the first lockdown was announced in March to ensure that new recruits were given a proper welcome. A major HR communications campaign was also rolled out, including working from home best practice guides, in-house surveys, regular communications, and so on, Overhaul of the induction process : the new induction • programme, “Immediate Boarding”, offering a range of online training options, guides and training sessions, was rolled out in digital format. Three face-to-face sessions and 15 remote sessions were held, delivering training to over 1,500 new recruits in an immersive and innovative environment. This training included input from key internal stakeholders, video interviews, workshops and live feedback, Employee share ownership : an employee share ownership • programme to give all employees a more meaningful stake in the company’s performance.

Sopra Steria came in second place, out of a total of 250 companies analysed in France, in the 2020 Grand Prix Humpact Emploi France, a ranking released by the ESG rating agency Humpact that recognises companies having implemented the

most exemplary social policies for employment in France.

2019-2021 performance indicators Target of scoring 4/5 on Happy Trainees world within three years: p no score in 2020. For reference, 3.88 out of 5 in 2019, in line with target (put on standby due to Covid-19). Target of a 25% increase in social media followers: up 23% in p 2020. These figures underscore the level of interest and engagement in the Group’s communities. It should be noted that Sopra Steria opted to post less in 2020 and reassessed the number of campaigns planned to promote the Group’s activities. Target of increasing % of employees under 30: up p 0.2 percentage points between 2019 and 2020, in line with target. " #) # # # + !$% # ( !!( The digital revolution, the expectations of the next generation and the uncertain environment we are currently navigating all mean we must constantly be developing our employees’ skills so as to: Respond even better to client expectations and serve the Group’s p strategy; Sustain motivation and develop employee engagement; p Develop performance and maintain employability. p To meet these challenges, the Group has implemented a number of initiatives: Annual updates of the Group’s digital Core Competency p Reference Guide to provide a shared framework for understanding our businesses, appraising employees and supporting career development; Provision of a common performance appraisal system p based on ongoing dialogue between employees and their managers and resulting in an individual development plan; Annual implementation of the “People Dynamics” process p to identify far-reaching changes affecting our businesses over the next one to three years (emerging jobs where there is positive pressure, and/or that are sustainable or sensitive) and draw up HR action plans for integrating, maintaining and developing the required current and future skills. These initiatives are supplemented by a proactive training policy, which constitutes one of the primary vehicles for adapting our people’s skills. This policy is supported by the Group Executive Committee and an Academy. The goal of this policy is to ensure that the Group has access to the appropriate skills at all times and in all places, particularly as project cycles accelerate. To achieve this goal, the following initiatives are being implemented across the Group: Changes to the Academy to make it more cross-functional and p more closely aligned with each country’s needs: creation of business line, subsidiary and corporate Academies; Refresh of the Academy offering and training courses, notably p including “Group fundamentals, management”, “Induction for new employees”, “Business-specific courses”, technology courses (cloud, agility, end-to-end), commerce course; Accelerated digitisation of programmes and availability of new p e-learning platforms.


Launched in 2019, Sopra Steria’s survey of its entire workforce (82% participation rate), conducted with the help of Great Place to Work (GPTW), forms part of an overarching approach to transformation in which the Group’s

employees are the key stakeholders. In 2020, the Group responded to the needs that employees had expressed the previous year, especially for more information on HR processes or during review cycles, as well as for more opportunities for informal chats with management, by running workshops in all entities to develop and implement initiatives to address them: training of 16 Great Place to Work project managers by GPTW in early 2020, networking and community building, with programmes such as Mood and Morale in the UK, Together Sopra Steria in Spain, and Restoacasa in Italy. Norway topped the Great Place to Work ranking for the fourth year in a row. Germany, Italy and Switzerland secured Great Place to Work certification. The Great Place to Work survey will be run again in 2021.



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