Sopra Steria - 2020 Convening Notice

2 SOPRA STERIA GROUP PRESENTATION’S IN 2019 Activities and key figures

Business model and…

Our vision The digital revolution has triggered a radical transformation in our environment. It is speeding up changes in our clients’ business models, internal processes and information systems. In this fast-changing environment, we bring our clients new ideas and support them in their transformation by making the most effective use of digital technology.

Our business Sopra Steria provides end-to-end solutions to address the core business needs of large companies and organisations, helping them throughout their digital transformation in Europe and worldwide.

Our market •  Spending on digital services in Western Europe: €273.4bn in 2019.* •  A market expected to grow more than 5% per year out to 2022.* •  Sopra Steria is ranked among the top 10 digital services companies operating in Europe (excluding captive service providers and purely local players).

* Source: Gartner (Q4 2019), in constant 2013 US dollars. These forecasts were prepared before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our offering

An end-to-end approach

Digital and business consulting Trusted digital services

Financial services

Application services 1

Business Process Outsourcing

Software development 2

Human resources

Real estate


Hybrid Cloud Services

An extensive portfolio offering

1 Systems Integration and Application Management 2 Licence Model and SaaS/Cloud model

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