Sopra Steria - 2020 Convening Notice

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Our mission and values

Our mission

Technology opens up infinite opportunities. This perpetual flow of innovation is fascinating and raises many questions as to what is actually behind the frantic race for novelty and change. There are many answers and they are neither simple nor obvious. At Sopra Steria, our mission is to guide our customers, partners, and employees towards bold choices by levera- ging digital to build a positive future for all. In addition to technologies, we have faith in collective intelligence and believe it helps the world move forward.

Together, we are building a decisively promising future through conscious change; lasting solutions that have a positive impact on women and men, deliver tangible results in the long term, and fully integrate interactions between the digital world and society. We are just at the beginning of what we can do together. Daring together At Sopra Steria, we strive to create an invigorating team environment and a space for freedom and discussion that fosters skills development and entrepreneurship within a community driven by our desire to succeed together.

Values that bring us together

Putting customer service first

Respect for others

Desire for positive action

Professional excellence

Importance of belonging to a group

Openness and curiosity

Putting customer service first We work alongside our clients over the duration to develop their performance and enable them to go even further thanks to our in-depth knowledge of their business sector and innovative technologies. Professional excellence We offer our visionary and global approach and our extensive know‑how to guide our clients, partners and employees towards making daring choices and enable them to transform opportunities into tangible and lasting results.

Respect for others We firmly believe that working together is a strength and that the best solutions are found together. That is why we are always there to listen and foster a close relationship with our clients, partners and employees. The importance of belonging to a group We firmly believe that collective intelligence, combining team spirit and each person’s individual talents, helps to transform and achieve progress in the world on a lasting basis, beyond just technology.

The desire for positive action We want to make innovation useful for as many as possible and come up with sustainable solutions with positive impacts that take full account of interactions between digital technology and society in a way that is responsible and ethical. Openness and curiosity We encourage people to be daring, curious and take responsibility to explore new paths and make use of innovative new technologies that will allow for transformations that benefit us all.



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