Sopra Steria - 2020 Convening Notice


Dialogue with investors

Share fact sheet

2020 Financial calendar

21 February 2020 before market open 24 April 2020 before market open


Euronext Paris

2019 annual revenue and earnings*


Compartment A

Q1 2020 revenue



9 June 2020

Annual General Meeting

Ticker symbol


Main indices

SBF 120, CAC ALL-TRADABLE, CAC ALL SHARES, CAC MID & SMALL, CAC MID 60, CAC SOFT & C. S., CAC TECHNOLOGY, EURONEXT FAS IAS, NEXT 150, Eurozone 120 Index ESI Excellence Europe Index (Ethibel Sustainability Europe Index)

29 July 2020 before market open 28 October 2020 before market open

2020 half-year revenue and earnings*

Q3 2020 revenue

* The full-year and half-year results are presented at face-to-face meetings and at bilingual webcast meetings in French and English.

Eligible for “PEA” Share Savings Plan in France Eligible for Deferred Settlement Service

Percentage of the Group’s share capital held by institutional investors

Meeting with investors and shareholders

35.1% International institutional investors

23.2% French institutional investors

The Investor Relations Department is in dialogue with the financial community throughout the year. It endeavours to meet all shareholders, investors and financial analysts on the world’s main financial marketplaces during roadshows or conferences, as well as on the occasion of annual and half-year financial presentations and the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Percentage of the Group’s share capital held by individual investors

Institutional investors met 225

Meetings 231

Countries covered 12

Cities covered 18

8.8% Percentage of share capital held by individual investors TPI survey of identifiable holders of shares at 31/12/2019 – Ownership threshold of over 1,000 shares

Roadshows 21

Conferences 7

Meeting brochure Sopra Steria won the Transparency Award for its Meeting brochure for its Annual General Meeting In the top 5 5 th place in the Grand Prix de la Transparence awards for regulated information Sopra Steria received two prizes from the Scientific Committee of the Grand Prix de la Transparence* in 2019


This seal of quality is awarded to registration universal documents achieving the highest level of transparency according to the Annual Transparency Rankings criteria.

* Scientific Committee of the Grand Prix de la Transparence organised by Labrador



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