Sopra Steria - 2018 Registration document

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Social responsibility: Involving our stakeholders to boost the impact of our actions

Education and employability In India, the education programme, which has been running for a number of years, aims to combat poverty in a country with high levels of inequality. This programme is aimed at children from poor rural areas, in particular girls, who can benefit from public sector schools located close to the company’s sites. Over 70,000 children and young people, in 60 schools from primary to secondary level, benefit from the programme and are supported in their schooling by hundreds of Sopra Steria volunteers. To supplement access to education for young children, Sopra Steria has developed a major scholarship programme in India to fund students from schools supported by the Group. In 2018, most of the countries in which the Group operates joined the Sopra Steria Scholarships Programme, enabling 79 more Indian students – most of them girls – to continue in higher education. In 2018, a total of 542 Indian scholarship students were supported by the Sopra Steria Scholarships Programme. Various projects have been put in place in other countries in which the Group operates, including in particular an academic tutoring programme for vulnerable children in Spain, support for disadvantaged students in Morocco and fundraising events to finance education initiatives in Belgium. These educational actions are supplemented by local employability initiatives, with the help of employee volunteers: support for young jobseekers with Nos Quartiers ont du Talent in France, development of the Career Development Centre in India with support from Scandinavia, offering short-term courses leading to qualifications for young people in partnership with the NIIT Foundation, etc. Digital inclusion To make digital technology accessible to all, numerous local projects aimed at vulnerable populations were launched or continued with clients, partners and employees. In 2018 in France, the Sopra Steria- Institut de France Foundation supported 14 digital humanitarian projects with a social or environmental dimension sponsored by employees. In Norway, the Group continued to support social entrepreneurship and provide computing classes for disadvantaged women. In Italy, an application was developed to help children with autism. In Poland, computer labs were set up to help orphans. In the United Kingdom, over 200 initiatives were launched with Harrow Council, London, in a variety of areas including employability, digital inclusion, entrepreneurship and innovation, and seven clients took part in the annual fundraising campaign organised by volunteers.

Community Day All these local programmes are widely communicated around the Group on Community Day, Sopra Steria’s annual event promoting community engagement. This large-scale awareness campaign is supported in all entities and countries, with the spotlight on projects that support local communities in countries where the Group operates. In 2018, the Group’s many volunteers and heads of country entities took part, supporting the Group’s commitment to education and making the event a valuable opportunity for sharing and discussion. Water rights Lastly, Sopra Steria has for several years been supporting two international organisations through financial sponsorship: Green Cross, working to protect oceans, and Planet Water Foundation, working for access to drinking water, in particular in schools in India. 3.6. Ensuring that the Group has a positive regional impact Sopra Steria has a significant regional impact. It is a leading employer, with over 44,000 employees spread across many geographic regions. It is also a major recruiter in regions where the Group has operations, with over 11,000 new recruits taken on across the Group in 2018 (see Section 2.1.1 of Chapter 3, “Attracting and retaining more talent”, page 83). As a committed corporate citizen, it also aims to ensure that, in developing its business, it takes into account economic, workforce- related, environmental and social challenges facing regions in which the Group operates among struggling or highly vulnerable populations. Through its ambitious recruitment policy, its commitment to community engagement and significant efforts to roll out its programmes across all countries in which it operates, Sopra Steria actively supports local communities and contributes to regional economic and social development.



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