Sopra Steria - 2018 Registration document

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Sopra Steria: Committed to a sustainable, responsible world

Committed to a sustainable, responsible world

“By sharing our commitments and convictions with all our stakeholders, we constantly gain new perspective and see the world differently”

Many years ago – beyond the current fashions, trends and regulations – we made a decision to play a proactive role in the major economic, labour-related, environmental and social changes of our time, and to make a positive contribution to the challenges they pose. To contribute to a more sustainable world, we continue to innovate in all our business areas, working closely with our ecosystem. By sharing our commitments and convictions with all our stakeholders, we constantly gain new perspective and see the world differently – because together, we can create a sustainable, virtuous economic circle that benefits us all. Our corporate responsibility commitments set out in this report are based on our values and the fundamentals that drive their goals.

They are promoted and upheld at the very highest levels of the organisation and by all staff, who, through their diversity, skills and desire to make a difference, play a vital part in making them a reality, thus contributing to the Group’s success. This approach is one of our unique hallmarks and is in our DNA. It makes good sense and must drive progress for all. In 2018, we continued to make progress against our labour-related, environmental, ethical and social goals, achieving high levels of recognition across the board. This is a source of pride for the Group as a whole and its stakeholders. We owe it to ourselves to continue our efforts, holding ourselves to high standards and staying true to our values.

Vincent Paris Chief Executive Officer

Foreword Changes in regulations on the disclosure of non-financial information require us to publish a Statement of Non-Financial Performance for financial year 2018. For this first year of implementation of this new requirement, Sopra Steria has opted to publish a Corporate Responsibility Report within its Registration Document containing information (related to the Group’s workforce, the environment, society, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and tax evasion) that is are relevant in light of the Group’s main non-financial risks, as required for the Statement of Non-Financial Performance, but also to voluntarily disclose all labour-related, environmental and social information deemed useful and important in the context of Sopra Steria’s Corporate Responsibility programme. A description of the Group’s business model is provided in the introductory section “Business model and value chain” section of the integrated presentation of Sopra Steria on pages 6 and 7. Key risks, the methodology, and policies, procedures and actions associated with managing and controlling those risks – including non-financial risks – are set out in Chapter 1, Section 8: “Risk factors and internal control”, on pages 28 to 44.



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