CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Societal responsibility: increased interaction with stakeholders

In other Group countries, many local digital inclusion initiatives aimed at vulnerable populations were launched or continued with clients, partners and employees: social entrepreneurship and the unemployed in Norway, help for autistic children in Italy, support for orphans in Poland, assistance for disadvantaged young people in Spain, etc. Education and training: key drivers of integration In India, a major long-term education programme has been put in place as part of the fight against poverty in a country with high levels of inequality. This programme is aimed at children from poor rural areas attending public sector schools located close to the company’s sites. In 2017, over 70,000 children benefited from the programme at 64 schools from primary to high school level. Hundreds of volunteers help guide children through their school careers. The educational programme will continue in 2018, with the aim of evolving towards green schools, incorporating solar power, access to drinking water, vegetable gardens and sanitation facilities. Aside from school, university grants and training in India The programme of university scholarships in India enables students from schools supported by the Group to continue their studies. To date, the programme, which is entirely funded through an annual fundraising event, has helped 463 scholarship students, 241 of whom have completed their studies and found employment. Financed by funds raised annually by staff in Scandinavia, the Career Development Centre provides training opportunities for school leavers unable to pursue long-term studies by offering them shorter vocational training courses and skills development programmes. The CDC programme, sponsored by Sopra Steria Norway, was established in partnership with the NIIT foundation. In other Group countries, initiatives are also run with the help of volunteers to provide academic tutoring to vulnerable children and to help women gain computer skills. In the United Kingdom, for example, employees take part in educational initiatives for young people in Harrow. Programmes fostering employee engagement In 2017, fundraising programmes and initiatives in response to local community issues continued with the help of several hundred employees. Employees rallying behind community and also environmental causes raise funds both for Group programmes and for local charities of their

own choice. These events are held in India (Share and Support Day), in the United Kingdom (Community Matters), in Scandinavia (The Challenge) and in Poland (Charity Challenge). Employees are also involved in community engagement initiatives supporting local priorities in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland and Morocco. In Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom, salary-based levies are a way for employees to help provide financing for not-for-profit organisations and the Group’s education programme in India. In France, the Group has for several years been involved in the Planète Urgence Congés Solidaires programme, which gives employees opportunities to pass on their skills to projects kicked off by local stakeholders in developing countries. The approach also features local, cultural and sports-related initiatives. Water rights for all Though it may appear to be abundant, water is on the verge of becoming the planet’s scarcest and most precious resource. Yet today, this non-renewable resource is polluted, wasted and over-exploited. More than a billion people have no access to safe drinking water and 8 million people, half of them children, die from water-borne diseases every year. Through financial sponsorship, since 2012 the Group has been supporting international organisations working in a variety of fields: developing solutions for accessing drinking water, sanitation programmes, advocacy, and pollution reduction and prevention. Find out more about Sopra Steria Group’s humanitarian initiatives: Group: responsabilite-d-entreprise/ France: India: corporate-responsibility United Kingdom: sustainability/community Norway: samfunnsansvar Germany: corporate-responsibility Spain:

responsabilidad-corporativa/ responsabilidad-comunidades



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