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4.2.2. PUBLIC SECTOR Faced with new expectations from citizens and companies, the need to optimise expenditure, and the obligation to keep up with regulatory changes, governments continue to implement a huge programmes of public sector transformation to transform their activities, organisation and user service offering. In a context in which digital technology is a force for change, Sopra Steria provides, firstly, solutions for the digitisation of government services, process re-engineering and, more generally, modernisation of business-specific information systems, and secondly, solutions for pooling the support functions of central government, local authorities and key providers in the health and welfare sectors. As a result, public sector organisations can ensure that they meet their targets and priorities at the lowest cost, while giving their information system the agility it requires to cope with the challenges they face. a. Aerospace The aeronautics and space sector is a particularly fertile ground for innovation. It is subject to constraints regarding reliability, availability, security and performance, which require suppliers to have full command of the technologies and processes implemented, as well as a thorough understanding of their different clients’ core businesses. For optimal service, companies operating in this sector must align their capacities with the pace of production and optimise their processes and information systems while also improving profitability. Digital continuity and the ability to manage the product life cycle, from design to manufacture and after-sales services, are crucial. Sopra Steria’s acquisition in 2015 of CIMPA, a specialist in product lifecycle management, makes total sense in this context particularly as it was followed in 2017 by the acquisition of 2MoRO, extending the group’s offering in aerospace maintenance activities. To meet these challenges, Sopra Steria’s expertise comes into play in such critical areas as industrial efficiency, manufacturing and particularly the shop floor, supply chain, on-board systems and air traffic control. b. Defence In a tense geopolitical context, marked by the rise of new threats to states (cybercrime, terrorism, etc.), defence departments must improve their effectiveness while taking into account budgetary constraints. It has become essential to optimise the interoperability and security of critical operational systems for exchanging real-time information. With over 40 years’ experience in supporting the military in Europe, Sopra Steria combines pragmatism and innovation, thanks to powerful technological and process solutions: p interoperability and security of military systems; p efficiency and overall effectiveness of the armed forces; p efficiency of the military supply chain (supply chain management); p reliability of operational and communication information systems; p mass data leveraging for information systems; 4.2.3. AEROSPACE, DEFENCE & HOMELAND SECURITY

Via its Business Process Services offering, Sopra Steria adapts services to meet its clients’ needs as closely as possible thanks to individual processes such as “Know Your Customer”, for example helping to combat money laundering in the banking sector, HR, finance and accounting functionalities, or even services shared between a number of organisations such as the British government and the National Health Service. Digital technology represents a fantastic opportunity for our clients. We help to transform their processes and perform these services in an effective way using the latest technologies and our talented teams. Sopra Steria is a leader in the business process services market in Europe. In particular, the Group operates the largest Business Processes as a Service (BPaaS) platform in Europe for shared services handling financial and accounting processes (NHS SBS). Moreover, the Group was the first IT service provider to take over the operation of part of the business and back-office processes for a police force in Europe (Cleveland police in the United Kingdom). Winning the SSCL (1) programme at the end of 2013 – with the potential to meet all the British government’s front, middle and back office process requirements – considerably strengthened this position. A further breakthrough came in 2015 with the signing of an agreement with the Metropolitan Police Service, the largest police force in the United Kingdom, for Sopra Steria to create a BPaaS platform for the police. This platform is intended to serve several police forces in a similar way to Sopra Steria’s multi-client health platform (NHS SBS). 4.2. Business expertise at the heart of our strategy Sopra Steria has chosen eight major vertical markets that constitute its areas of excellence and make up 90% of revenue. The Group has a comprehensive offering in each of these fields, meeting the specific challenges of its clients. 4.2.1. BANKING The banking and finance sector is subject to major changes. Regulatory requirements are constantly changing and the digital revolution, which has led to the emergence of digital banking, has increased the expectations of clients who now have multiple banking relationships. With technological developments and the arrival of newcomers (Fintechs, Gafas, telecoms operators), relations with banks have changed considerably. Faced with these new challenges, Sopra Steria aims to be a partner for banks, helping to facilitate and accelerate this transformation. With three core areas of expertise – understanding of the banking sector, its clients and the most innovative technologies – the Group offers powerful and agile software solutions, as well as their application by means of value-added use. The Group and its subsidiary Sopra Banking Software provide comprehensive solutions and turn changes in the banking world into opportunities for their clients, whether in risk management, regulatory compliance, data protection, improving the client experience, optimising performance, delivering differentiation or identifying new sources of income.

(1) Shared Services Connected Limited, joint venture between Sopra Steria and the UK Cabinet Office.



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