CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Environmental responsibility: innovating in support of the environment

4.8. Protection of personal information

This programme is overseen by the Group Legal Department, which coordinates data protection arrangements across all subsidiaries. All Group entities (Sopra Steria Group) comply with domestic regulations on the protection of personal information. In addition, at Sopra HR Software, the Sopra Steria Group’s HR solutions publisher subsidiary, the Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) have been in place within its entities since 2015.

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR) enters into force on 25 May 2018. Sopra Steria Group and its subsidiaries have been rolling out a programme aimed at ensuring compliance with this regulation.

5. Environmental responsibility: innovating in support of the environment

Environmental issues, and more specifically the consequences of climate change, are increasingly affecting society and the way businesses operate. In its 2018 Global Risks Report, the World Economic Forum announced that environmental risks now rank third, after persistent risks of inequality and injustice and risks linked to national and international political tensions, and ahead of the risk of cyber-vulnerability. Climate change is not new, but the world is currently experiencing an acceleration of phenomena related to climate change, with major consequences for the planet in general and the economy in particular. Sopra Steria is at the heart of an industry sector that can make a positive impact on companies’ environmental footprint by incorporating environmental expertise into its offerings, developing responsible purchasing programmes and involving all parties in the supply chain in a shared improvement process. Now recognised as one of the world’s leading companies in terms of its commitment to combating climate change, Sopra Steria continues to roll out its proactive strategy for lowering its environmental impact, contributing to international initiatives aimed at reducing climate risk and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy within its ecosystem. In seeking to understand its stakeholders’ expectations, the Group has identified two key environmental challenges: p limiting the negative environmental impact of the Group’s activities; p developing an ambitious programme to reduce the Group’s greenhouse gas emissions. 5.1. Background and key events In the wake of the 2015 Conference of the Parties, or COP21, in Paris in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, followed by COP23 in Bonn and the Paris Climate Change Summit in December 2017, governments, NGOs and businesses are organising for action.

For several years now, Sopra Steria Group has chosen to support and participate in major national and international initiatives aimed at combating climate change. Thanks to its commitments, formalised with leading international bodies, and its proactive programme of initiatives to put its commitments into practice, the Group is one of the top global companies actively working and contributing to action against climate change. Key events p CDP Climate Change A List: Sopra Steria achieved a performance score of “A”, the highest awarded by CDP (1) Climate Change. This distinction is in recognition of the Group’s commitment, transparency and innovation, as a digital leader in Europe, in its policy and its programme of initiatives in support of environmental responsibility. “A large network of people throughout Sopra Steria Group are working to implement our environmental policy. They are all convinced that they can take action within the company to help combat climate change. I’m very happy to acknowledge this distinction from the CDP, which recognises our commitment to the transition to a low-carbon economy.” Vincent Paris, CEO of Sopra Steria p Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) (2) : Sopra Steria is the world’s first digital services company to have received approval from SBTi for its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for the Group as a whole. Across all sectors, Sopra Steria Group is one of the top 50 companies in the world whose targets are SBTi-approved. p CDP Supplier A List: Sopra Steria is one of the 2% of organisations participating in the CDP supply chain evaluation programme to have been awarded the highest ranking in recognition of its initiatives concerning its suppliers’ environmental issues.

(1) CDP is a non-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. (2) SBTi: Science Based Targets initiative. Science Based Targets is an internationally recognised initiative offering mathematical models for identifying the environmental footprint of activities so as to be able to set ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.



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