CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 6 Information on the Top Managers and members of the Supervisory Board as of December 31, 2017

ERIK POINTILLART • Member of the Compensation and Appointments Committee • Non-independent member (served more than 12 years)

Experience and expertise A graduate of the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris, Erik Pointillart has 36 years’ experience in the French and European financial world. He began his career in 1974 in the Finance Department of BNP. He joined the Caisse des Dépôts in 1984 as Manager of Bond and Monetary Management, and became Chief Executive Officer of CDC Gestion in 1990. In 1994, he joined Écureuil Gestion as Director of Bond and Monetary Management, then in October 1999, became Director of Development and Chairman of the Company’s Management Board. He worked on the introduction of rules for marketing and professional finance training for the banking network and information support for customers. He was also responsible for managing 4,500 Caisse d’Épargne branches. Term of office on Rubis’ Supervisory Board Date of first appointment: March 24, 2003. Date of last renewal: June 5, 2015. End of term of office: 2018 Shareholders’ Meeting convened to approve the 2017 financial statements.

Born on May 7, 1952 French nationality Man

Professional address: Nostrum Conseil 145, rue d’Aguesseau 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France Number of Rubis shares held as of 12/31/2017: 4,202

List of appointments held outside the Group in the last 5 years

Current terms of office In France Listed companies: None Unlisted companies: • Vice-Chairman of the IEFP; • Partner at Nostrum Conseil. Abroad None

Terms of office that have expired during the last 5 years None

2017 Registration Document I RUBIS 126

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