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BITUMEN IS BACK AT RUBIS TERMINAL DUNKERQUE At Rubis Terminal, bitumen has a long history that goes back to the late nineteenth century, when the cobblestones of Paris were covered with asphalt to accommodate the first cars. Rubis Terminal, at that time called Compagnie Parisienne des Asphaltes (CPA), subsequently built the Dunkirk terminal. A century later, the decision to once again store this heated liquid at our facilities in Dunkirk involved the closing of refineries and strong determination. A by-product of refining, its physical and chemical qualities have made bitumen a very important material used mainly for road surfacing and waterproofing (buildings, roofs, paper waterproofing, etc.). Providing excellent thermal and electrical insulation, it is a flexible material that captures carbon dioxide. In 2016, we were convinced that we needed to offer a logistics service for bitumen, as the regional market was growing and likely to run out of supplies. It was at this time that a team for the project was put in place. Our conviction that there was a real need in this market was stronger than ever. Bitumen storage in Western Europe, at a major French port, in an environment of refining activities operating on borrowed time, the discontinuation of production of major oil players, and sweeping changes in the marine heavy oil market with the introduction of the IMO 2020 regulation - a product closely linked to bitumen, both in its manufacture and its price structure - were decisive factors in establishing this new activity at the Dunkirk terminal. On the strength of these arguments and after getting the green light from Rubis Terminal's management, technical and commercial work started in 2017. A facility was built in record time using existing equipment: 2 tanks and a lot of work, both inside and outside. With the arrival of the first bitumen vessel at the end of July 2019, we were able to test the facilities for the first time. Since then, the terminal has

been CE and COPRO certified (certification specific to the Belgian market) and we have been recognized for our project management in general, and more specifically for the mixes carried out at the truck loading stations, together with our expertise in bitumen-specific analyses. Within this 3-year period, marked in turns by enthusiasm and doubts, our market knowledge, our technical perseverance and our operational expertise brought the project to fruition. A great team effort! Olivier Molines Sales and Marketing Manager, Chemicals and Specialties Rubis Terminal

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Rubis 2019 Universal Registration Document

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