RUBIS - 2019 Universal Registration Document


B acked by its modern, high-quality assets, in step with market developments, and the signing of an agreement enabling I Squared Capital – an infrastructure investment fund – to hold a 45% stake, Rubis Terminal intends to pursue its development with 4 aims: ● diversify the products stored, meeting market needs (biofuels, small-scale LNG, etc.); ● consolidate strategic positions in France by playing a major role in market consolidation; ● develop terminals in the ARA zone (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), making full use of the extension possibilities of its existing terminals; ● seize international development opportunities, leveraging its business line skills. Leader in France, Rubis Terminal has a total storage capacity of 3.6 million m 3 . Since the geographic location of storage terminals is critical, most sites are located on seafronts or have river access. Some are also linked to major pipeline networks. RUBIS TERMINAL’S MAIN CUSTOMERS ● Hypermarkets, for the management of their automotive fuel supplies and distribution to their stores. ● The company managing the French strategic reserve (Sagess). ● Oil companies and chemical and petrochemical groups that wish to optimize their logistics costs or have a distribution, import or export platform, or simply wish to have access to temporary solutions during the maintenance of their own industrial platform. ● Traders and wholesalers who need to store the products they trade on international markets, pending resale, or in line with fluctuations in supply and demand.


Rubis 2019 Universal Registration Document

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