RUBIS - 2019 Universal Registration Document

1 PRESENTATION OF THE GROUP - Business lines and strategy

With operations in 41 countries on 3 continents through a matrix of products, markets and diversified offers, the Group considerably reduces its overall risk. Furthermore, the Group’s earnings are fairly immune to oil price volatility: in distribution activity, volatility among supply prices is passed on to the end customer, while in the storage activity, Rubis does not own the stored products and its prices are not dependent on their market value. At the same time, the Group’s business lines are subject to regulations and authorizations. That means that specific know- how is required to operate facilities under the best conditions and to ensure the safety of people, the quality of products and the preservation of the environment. The Group invested €123 million in the maintenance and adaptation of its facilities in 2019. In 2019, the LPG, bitumen and non-petroleum segments (chemical products, fertilizers, edible oils) represented half of the gross margin of the distribution and support and services divisions. The Group’s bulk liquid storage activity consists of providing bulk liquid storage capacity (automotive and heating fuels, chemical, fertilizers and agrifood products) on behalf of third parties (distributors, manufacturers and traders) and associated services (additives, blending, shipping), without any processing of the stored product. Rubis Terminal is the market leader, with 13 depots, 3.6 million m3 of storage capacity andstrategicsitesinFrance,theNetherlands, Belgium and Turkey. It is one of only a handful of operators in the sector with storage capacities for diversified products, which gives it a decided competitive advantage. Most of its revenues comes from the storage of fuels, chemical products, liquid fertilizers and vegetable oils, and from long-term strategic reserve contracts (SAGESS).

LAST FILL-UP BEFORE THE SNOW! Last fall, our off-road Unimog refueled our highest-altitude customer. The story of a high mountain adventure. For nearly 100 years, it has been perched at the summit of the Hörnli ridge in Switzerland, at an altitude of 2,511 meters. The Hörnlihütte is located right in the middle of Arosa-Lenzerheide, a ski and hiking paradise. This mountain refuge, which looks like something out of a story book, offers a magnificent 360° panoramic view of the mountains of Graubünden. People who climb up to the hut in winter usually want 2 things: to keep warm and to eat well. The 3 restaurants serve only mountain dishes, from cervelas (Swiss sausage) salad to the Grisons cold meat platter, not forgetting fondue and the iconic pasta and minced meat dish. On peak days, some 100 portions of rösti are served. And when the weather is playing along, the delicious smell of roast chicken fills the air. A new gas-tank customer thanks to Unimog Five years ago, “Hitsch” Leu, the owner of the refuge, modernized its concept and product offering, and renovated the chalet. The cheese would not be melting nor the rösti cooking today were it not for Vitogaz and its compelling 4-wheel solution: the off-road Unimog that has enabled us to supply high-altitude restaurants with gas since 2017. This fall, before the snow arrived, our 4-wheel drive climbed the steep slopes up to the Hörnlihütte to fill the underground tank for the winter. Only Vitogaz is currently capable of such performance in Switzerland. A selling point that goes the distance No other liquefied gas supplier has a vehicle comparable to our Unimog. Daniel Schmid from the sales department is responsible for the Hörnlihütte: “The Unimog tipped the scales, so to speak. The owner of the Hörnlihütte decided on a gas tank, and then on Vitogaz, because of the vehicle.” Delivery by Unimog replaces the laborious transport of gas cylinders by cable car. For the team at the refuge, this change brings both logistical and financial relief. Liquefied gas in tanks is cheaper than bottled gas. In addition, there is no longer any need to worry about replenishing supplies before spring, as the tank can last all winter. Anne-Sophie Gschwind Marketing Vitogaz Switzerland

The final stretch at an altitude of 2,500 meters: the Unimog approaching the Hörnlihütte.

Fill her up, please! The liquefied gas should last throughout the winter season.


Rubis 2019 Universal Registration Document

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