RUBIS - 2019 Universal Registration Document

5 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE - Control of Company management: the Supervisory Board and the Committees


• Chairman of the Supervisory Board • Member of the Accounts and Risk Monitoring Committee • Member of the Compensation and Appointments Committee • Non-independent member (served more than 12 years) Born on December 10, 1951 French nationality Male Professional address: Banque Hottinguer 63, rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris – France Number of Rubis shares held as of 12/31/2019: 7,800

Experience and expertise Holder of a master’s degree in law and political science, and a bachelor’s degree in history, Olivier Heckenroth began his career in 1977 with the Société Commerciale d’Affrètement et de Combustibles (SCAC). He was subsequently technical advisor first to the Information and Communications Unit of the French Prime Minister (1980-1981), and then to the French Ministry of Defense (1981-1987). In 1987, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of HV International before becoming Chairman (2002-2004), and then Chairman and CEO (2004-2007) of HR Gestion. Since 2004, Olivier Heckenroth has been Managing Partner of HR Banque, which, in 2012, became Banque Hottinguer. He was a Management Board member and CEO of Banque Hottinguer from 2013 to 2018. He is also a former auditor of the Institut des Hautes Études de la Défense Nationale. Term of office on Rubis’ Supervisory Board Date of first appointment: June 15, 1995. Date of last renewal: June 8, 2017. End of term of office: 2020 Shareholders’ Meeting convened to approve the 2019 financial statements.

List of appointments held outside the Group in the last 5 years Current terms of office In France Listed companies: None Unlisted companies: • Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Banque Hottinger; • Director of Messieurs Hottinguer & Cie Gestion Privée (a subsidiary of Banque Hottinguer) and of the Sicavs HR Monétaire, Larcouest Investissements and Ariel; • Representative of Banque Hottinguer on the Board of Directors of HR Patrimoine Monde and HR Patrimoine Europe. Abroad Listed companies: • Director of Bolux (Sicav listed in Luxembourg). Unlisted companies: None

Terms of office that have expired during the last 5 years • Director of HR Courtage, Compagnie du Parc, Horizon, Lalys Textile and Scherrer; • Representative of Banque Hottinguer on the Board of Directors of the Stema Sicav.

146 i Rubis 2019 Universal Registration Document

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