RUBIS - 2019 Universal Registration Document

4 CSR AND NON-FINANCIAL INFORMATION - Report of the independent third party on the consolidated Non-Financial Information Statement


Based on the procedures performed, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the consolidated Non-Financial Information Statement is not presented in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements and that the Information, taken as a whole, is not presented fairly in accordance with the Guidelines, in all material respects.


Without modifying our conclusion and in accordance with Article A. 225-3 of the French Commercial Code, we have the following comments: • Hazardous waste and consolidated VOC emissions are published on a periodicity offset by one year: the published values correspond to the 2018 financial year, on all the French sites, in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Dörtyol (Turkey). • Rubis measures its carbon impact and has integrated a goal of reducing the carbon intensity of its activities into the variable compensation criteria of the Management. The Company is not in a position at this stage to present quantified targets for medium and long-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Paris-La Défense, April 24, 2020 Independent third party MAZARS Edwige REY CSR and Sustainable Development Partner

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