PERNOD RICARD - Universal Registration Document 2019-2020

3. SUSTAINABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY The four pillars of the good times from a good place roadmap

Regarding disability, affiliates comply with local legal requirements and efforts are made to improve the incorporation of workers with disabilities. In FY20, 45 affiliates worked on adapting premises and investing in appropriate equipment, providing training and raising employee awareness, conducting joint projects with specialised establishments, participating in dedicated forums, recruiting workers with disabilities, etc. Key Performance Indicators Representation of women at 30 June (permanent contracts) Number and %

In 2003, Pernod Ricard also signed up to the Business Workplace Diversity Charter, which aims to encourage the employment of different members of French society. This Charter bans all forms of discrimination in recruitment, training and professional development.



Group employees

6,609 (37%)

6,658 (37%)


3,878 (34%)

3,871 (35%)


2,731 (41%)

2,787 (42%)

Top management

131 (26%)

135 (27%)

Management Committees of affiliates



This breakdown can be explained by the Group’s significant presence in over the past seven years. After clarification of the Top Management countries where the labour market is male-dominated, such as in India, classification, the indicator related to the percentage of women in top where men make up more than 92% of the workforce. In the managerial management has been reviewed for FY19. population, the proportion of women has been constantly increasing Breakdown of positions with permanent contracts filled by women Number and % FY19 FY20 Internal transfers 79 (27%) 314 (55%) External hires 1,036 (42%) 903 (44%)

Employee engagement & culture, working conditions and health & safety Employee engagement & culture

Since it started to measure it, the Group has had a very high level of employee engagement. To monitor the drivers of engagement, Pernod Ricard conducted the fifth edition of its bi-annual employee opinion survey “iSay” in June 2019 in partnership with Willis Towers Watson. In this edition, 85% of employees completed a questionnaire (97% online) of over 100 questions available in 35 languages, a consistently very high response rate. Each version of iSay is similar to

the previous ones to measure progress. The 2019 edition indicated an engagement level of 88%, far above other businesses in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector. Pernod Ricard affiliates are responsible for addressing the areas most relevant to them and action planning against them. Moreover, this commitment is visible through low and stable voluntary departure and absenteeism rates.



Number and %

Employees that completed the “iSay” Survey**



Engagement rate (“iSay”)**





Number and %

Total departure rate*  (1)



Number of resignations*



Voluntary departure rate*  (2)



Absenteeism rate**



The rate of total departure is obtained by dividing the number of departures by the average workforce with permanent contracts. (1) The rate of voluntary departure is obtained by dividing the number of resignations by the average workforce with permanent contracts. (2) Permanent contracts. * Fixed-term and permanent contracts. **


Pernod Ricard Universal Registration Document 2019-2020

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