PERNOD RICARD - Universal Registration Document 2019-2020

3. SUSTAINABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY The four pillars of the good times from a good place roadmap

TransfoHRm Mindset A strong change management plan has been developed to embed the TransfoHRm HR Strategy and mindset into the organization. The plan involved the upskilling of the HR function globally, implementation of new global practices and processes, empowering Managers and employees to co-create their experience at Pernod Ricard. The plan will reach full deployment by December 2021 cascaded to HR professionals throughout Pernod Ricard in order to bring a consistent experience for all employees. “Let’s Talk Talent” our Performance Management & Development Planning process Pernod Ricard employees and their performance are the foundation of the company’s success. Building on the process launched last year “Let’s Talk Talent”, we implemented the “How” of performance into the annual performance review process. How you do things is as important as what you do. Employees are evaluated not only on what they achieved but also on how they achieved it through the leadership attributes. Let’s Talk Talent is intended to provide a systematic process, which is comprehensive, fair and developmentally focused. It enables Pernod Ricard to identify skills and competencies required to support its strategic plans and encourages a diverse high performing culture. This process, together with the assessment of individuals’ potential to grow through their Learning Agility, forms the basis for how we identify and develop talents in the organization for career development and succession planning. It cultivates a learning organization enabling us to develop our employees to progress within the organization. To achieve this, we encourage employee ownership of their career development. For development to make an impact, employees must be clear on what skill or behaviour needs to improve, be willing to make the change and know what steps to take. This is an important aspect of the feedback process, encouraged throughout the year between Manager and Employee. We offer our employees resources that provide them with ideas and strategies on how to improve so that they can be as effective as possible and empowered to take the development steps to grow their career. Pernod Ricard University Pernod Ricard University collaborates with the business and HR Departments to identify Learning & Development needs and then design programs with high-end institutions, consultants and internal experts. Formats are often a blend of e-learning, classroom and experiential sessions assembled in a fine balance to deliver the best impact. L&D programs are rolled out and delivered online, locally or at the historical Domaine de la Voisine near Paris, a place acquired by Paul Ricard in 1957, and transformed into a state-of-the-art campus in 2017. Participants will always find themselves in a cohort comprising colleagues from different parts of the world who might come from all types of functions, depending on the training, or from different cultures. This is critical to create that special bond that ties the group together and that we call “convivialité”. Since 2016, with the iGrow program, Pernod Ricard has engaged in an ambitious plan to train teams at scale on functional skills. In 2019, over 300 Managers and senior experts were trained as facilitators to

deploy global programs locally to over 2,000 participants as of June 2020. Combined with microlearning, these sessions result in a very high engagement rates and great impact, all while significantly reducting deployment costs. During the Covid-19 crisis, all iGrow programs were adapted to be delivered remotely, allowing to maintain Pernod Ricard’s effort on Learning & Development, and PR University team has kept working closely with functions to design new key training programs to be deployed in 2020. In the spirit of the Group Leadership Attributes, Pernod Ricard University introduced the Leadership Curriculum to support the development of individual leadership competencies. A very rewarding multicultural experience, it invites an open-minded reflection on personal change and the role of leaders. The programme is organised into two modules that participants can attend over time: Mixers, for young aspiring leaders, Shakers for confirmed leaders willing to be taken outside their comfort zone. Since the implementation of these programmes, 652 employees have benefitted from the “Mixers” programme and 229 from the “Shakers” programme. Blenders is a two-phase global Leadership Programme designed in response to Pernod Ricard business challenges. The Group uses this to help top leaders become more agile, digitally savvy, innovative and consumer centric talent developers. The Group commits to better preparing its top leaders, improving succession planning and career planning. Phase 1: 139 of the Top Management team were assessed against the — newly developed Group Leadership Model. This reflects the skills and behaviors required to lead teams and provides participants with a benchmark for their professional development; Following the assessments, Individualized Development Plans were drawn up based on each person’s needs. Phase 2: in January 2019, participants started their development — journeys with various external activities designed to build their skills (trainings, seminars, etc.). In March 2020, PR University launched a daily newsletter under the banner of “Learn a New Thing Every Day”. Its aim is to encourage and nurture employees’ thirst for knowledge, while promoting PR University’s offer of training resources, and curating internal and external content focusing on people development. With over 1,600 subscribers, it is established as a new learning ritual for many employees. To take advantage of the new employee-centric tool, Workday, Pernod Ricard University launched Workday Learning in June 2019. Pernod Ricard employees can use this new Learning platform to enrol and access all Pernod Ricard University training, do online modules and view their learning history. Leadership Assessment and Development Centre – LeAD UP Programme The Group continues to deliver Leadership Assessment and Development Centres, through an external provider, to i) assess capabilities and leadership potential, ii) identify strengths and competencies to be developed, iii) empower high potential individuals, iv) better prepare them for future leadership roles, and v) encourage individual ownership of careers by all employees. The LeAD UP programme offers two-day sessions at which participants do individual interviews and case studies. They also receive an extensive feedback session on site and one month after the workshop.


Pernod Ricard Universal Registration Document 2019-2020

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