PERNOD RICARD - Universal Registration Document 2019-2020

Progress so far

One year on from the launch of our 2030 S&R roadmap, four employees representing our four S&R pillars and eight leading commitments tell us what we have achieved so far.


a vital startingpoint for identifying pressing sustainability issues and potential biodiversityprojects thatwe aredefiningwith farmers and local partners. Akey strength is beingable to share knowledgeacross our different terroirs. Initiatives like the relaunchof ourWine Hubnetwork onviticultureandwine makingensure thatwecan replicate regenerativepractices elsewhere: like plantinga varietyof nutrient-richcrops betweenvines inCognacwhich is optimising thenitrogencycle, improving soil quality, sequesteringcarbonand creatingan important ecosystemwithin thevineyard.

OUR LEADING COMMITMENTS • 100% of our affiliates will be engaged in a strategic biodiversity project (2030) • Deploy pilot programmes in our 8 wine regions (2025) (1) in regenerative agriculture and share this knowledge further with 5,000 farmers (2030)

At PernodRicard, all our products come fromnature. Our goal tomove towards regenerativeagriculture, whichprotects the landand the living, represents an ambitious transformation.Workingwith procurement teams inall our affiliates, we’ve launcheda fullmappingof supply chains for core ingredients fromgrain, grapes toagaveand sugar cane. It’s

JEAN-FRANÇOIS ROUCOU Group Director of Sustainable Performance


createdalibraryofonlinetraining resourcesenablingemployeestobuild uptheirskills.Forourbartending community,wedevelopedinpartnership withTrashTiki ‘ananti-wastebartending duo’,andtheSustainableRestaurant Association,afreesustainabilityand responsibilityhospitalitye-learning module,whichwasuploadedonthe UnitedNations'EducateAllplatformto promotetheBarWorldofTomorrow. Diversityandinclusionactionshavehelped usclosethegap(currently2.3%)towards equalpayacrossourbusiness,by2022. Leveragingtheawarenesscreatedbythe globalBetterBalanceinitiativeoverthe last3years,wearenowmovingontothe nextstagetocreateanevermoreinclusive organisationsothatdiversitybecomesa realmindset,fullyalignedwithourvalue ofconviviality.

LANI MONTOYA Director Global Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion

OUR LEADING COMMITMENTS • Ensure equal pay (2022), a gender balanced top management (2030) and future-fit training for our employees at least every 3 years so that they can acquire new skills (2030) • Train 10,000 bartenders on techniques for a more sustainable bar world (2030)

Aspartofcreatingthebestwork environmentforouremployees,we’ve rolledoutanupdatedGroupHealthand Safetypolicy, ‘Takingcareofeachother’, basedonthekeyprioritiesofculture, leadershipandperformance. Alreadyunderway,digitaltransformation hasbeenacceleratedduringtheCovid-19 crisisasweadoptednewtoolsandways ofworking.PernodRicardUniversity


Pernod Ricard Universal Registration Document 2019-2020

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