PERNOD RICARD - Notice of meeting 2020

Request for documents or further information

Please note that the documents of the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 November 2020 are available on the Pernod Ricard website: in French: in English:

Request should be sent:

If you hold REGISTERED shares, to the centralising bank appointed to act on behalf of the Company, y using the enclosed pre-paid envelope; If you hold BEARER shares, to the financial intermediary who holds your bearer share account, y who will forward the voting form, together with the pre-prepared certificate of shareholding.

I the undersigned, ‰ Mr ‰ Mrs (tick the box)

Surname (or Company name):

Frist name:


Email address:

Holder of

registered shares,


bearer shares,


requests documents and information concerning the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 November 2020* as listed in article R. 225-83 of the French Commercial Code.

, on:


Signed in:


* Under article R. 225-88 paragraph 3 of the French Commercial Code, shareholders holding registered shares may, upon simple request, obtain documents and information from the Company, as listed in articles R. 225-81 and R. 225-83 of the French Commercial Code, at each subsequent Shareholders’ Meeting. Shareholders wishing to take up this option should use this form.


Pernod Ricard Notice of Meeting 2020

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