PERNOD RICARD - Notice of meeting 2020

1. How to participate in your shareholders’ meeting Important notice – Health situation

Given the evolving situation with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, it may be necessary for the Company to change the attendance procedures for the Shareholders’ Meeting on 27 November 2020. In the event that the conditions provided for by order no. 2020-321 of 25 March 2020 are met, the Shareholders’ Meeting on 27 November 2020 could be held without the public being present. We ask you to regularly check the Shareholders’ Meeting section on the website, which will confirm the final arrangements for attending this Shareholders’ Meeting in accordance with health and/or legal requirements. Furthermore, due to the circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the government’s recommendations to avoid public gatherings, the Board of Directors calls for the utmost caution in this context and recommends that each shareholder give preference to postal voting or give proxy to the Chairman rather than being physically present, in order to limit the risk of spread of the virus during the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Company has taken all necessary measures to protect shareholders and, with this in mind, has decided, henceforth, that no gifts will be distributed this year and that no coffee reception will be held. The Company will make every effort to ensure that the social distancing measures are respected during the Shareholders’ Meeting but the Company will not incur any liability for any contamination of persons who decide, under their sole responsibility, to physically participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Company has taken all measures to facilitate remote voting in order that shareholders can vote by remote means (postal vote or proxy) without physically participating in the Shareholders’ Meeting, using the voting form in the section dedicated to 2020 Shareholders’ Meetings on the Company’s website,, Section – Investors/Shareholders – Our financial information – General Shareholders’ Meeting, or by Internet on the secure voting platform VOTACCESS. As part of the relationship between the Company and its shareholders, the Company strongly encourages shareholders to send all requests and documents by electronic means, to the following address: . What are the requirements for participating in the Shareholders’ Meeting? All shareholders, regardless of the number of shares they hold, may participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting. To do so, they must provide evidence of their status as shareholders and their shares must be recorded in their name, in registered or bearer form, two business days prior to the Shareholders’ Meeting, i.e. by Wednesday 25 November 2020, at 00:00 (Paris time) (hereinafter “D-2” ): for REGISTERED shareholders , registration of their shares in the y Company’s registers by D-2 is sufficient; You have four options: attend the Shareholders’ Meeting in person; or y give a proxy to the Chairman of the Shareholders’ Meeting; or y give a proxy to any person of your choice; or y vote by post or via the Internet. y

for shareholders holding BEARER shares , the authorised y intermediaries who hold the bearer share accounts must confirm the status of their clients as shareholders to the centralising bank for the Shareholders’ Meeting by providing a certificate of shareholding appended to the single voting/proxy/admission request form. However, if a holder of bearer shares wishes to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting in person and has not received his or her admission card by 24 November 2020 (1) , he or she may ask the financial intermediary to provide a certificate of shareholding, confirming his or her status as a shareholder as at D-2 so that he or she may attend the Meeting.

In all cases, shareholders must either: fill out the attached form (see “How to fill out the voting form”) y and return it using the prepaid envelope enclosed; or log on to the secure dedicated websites and follow the y procedure described hereafter for Internet voting. Shareholders who have already voted by post or via the Internet, sent in a proxy form or applied for an admission card may not subsequently choose another method of participation. However, they may sell some or all of their shares. if you hold BEARER shares, tick Box A at the top of the form , date y it and sign it before returning it to your financial intermediary responsible for managing your bearer share account, using the prepaid envelope provided. They will forward your request by issuing a certificate of shareholding . By Internet: if you hold REGISTERED shares (pure or administered), log on to y the secure Sharinbox website, , using your Sharinbox access code and the password sent to you by post by Société Générale Securities Services. Then, follow the on-screen instructions;

You wish to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting in person To attend the Shareholders’ Meeting in person, you must request an admission card . By post:

if you hold REGISTERED shares, tick Box A at the top of the form , y date it and sign it before returning it using the prepaid envelope provided. Alternatively, you may go directly to the appropriate admissions desk at the Shareholders’ Meeting , with an identity document;

(1) If you have requested an admission card and have not received it by 24 November 2020, please contact the dedicated Société Générale call centre on +33 (0)825 315 315 (international rates in caller’s country apply) from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Paris time).


Pernod Ricard Notice of Meeting 2020

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