NATIXIS - Meeting notice combined general shareholder's meeting

Powers to complete formalities (resolution thirty-four) Finally, resolution thirty-four relates to the granting of the powers required to complete the legal formalities and disclosures relating to this Combined General Shareholders’ Meeting.

◆ sign any agreements, carry out directly or indirectly through a representative any transactions and formalities, including carrying out formalities due to the capital increases and amending the bylaws accordingly, ◆ in general, enter into agreements to ensure the proposed issues are successfully completed, take any measures and decisions and carry out any formalities that are appropriate for the issue, listing and financial servicing of securities issued under this delegation of authority and the exercise of associated rights or those due to the capital increases; 8) Decides that this delegation of authority voids from this day, as applicable, any unused part of any prior delegation with the same purpose, and in particular the one granted in resolution eighteen by the Combined General Shareholders’ Meeting of Mayǡ23, 2018.

Resolution thirty-four Powers to complete formalities

The General Shareholders’ Meeting, deliberating in accordance with the quorum and majority requirements for ordinary and extraordinary business, hereby confers all powers to the bearer of an original, a copy, or an extract of the minutes of its deliberations to carry out any and all filings and formalities required by law.

The Board of Directors has recommended voting in favour of adopting all the resolutions submitted to this Combined General Shareholders’ Meeting.

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