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Solarfective for natural lighting management, and CP Electronics, a leader in energy-efficient lighting control in the United Kingdom. In addition, digital lighting management solutions optimize energy consumption by adapting to usage; W analysis, measurement and monitoring of electrical equipment are essential steps when preparing an energy audit (i.e. ISO 50001 audit) and managing installations. The Energy Distribution SBU continues to develop innovative, smart solutions (linked to Eliot, Legrand’s connected objects program) to monitor and control energy management in buildings. For example, with the new EMS CX ³ (Energy Management System) solution, it is now very easy to check whether an electrical installation is functioning properly and to monitor and control it directly from the unit itself or remotely via a computer, tablet or smartphone. The Group has expanded in this area with the acquisition in 2015 of IME, a leading Italian player and European specialist in the measurement of electrical installation parameters; W Legrand offers photovoltaic panel connection solutions for residential and commercial use; W as regards electric vehicle charging solutions , Legrand offers a domestic type socket, Green’up Access, which can charge at 14 A (3.2 kW). It also has a range of charging stations, Green’up Premium, mainly designed for houses, public or company car parks and apartment buildings. These have been joined by a smart range (IRVE 3.0), launched in 2017; W the Group provides energy-saving solutions for data centers largely thanks to Minkels, a Dutch company specializing in data- center equipment. For example, the Varicondition Cold Corridor ® solution is a system based on the complete separation of hot and cold air flows, to increase efficiency and energy savings. Following the acquisition of Raritan and Servertech, the data center offering is completed with smart PDUs (1) to analyze energy consumption and improve performance. Using the Group’s energy efficiency solutions helps reduce energy consumption with a commensurate reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Energy saved using the Group’s energy efficiency solutions is calculated from Group sales of those solutions, a return on investment (ROI) and the cost of electricity in the countries concerned; for France, a five-year ROI and an electricity cost of €90/ MWh are used, in line with industry-wide data. In other countries, the local cost of electricity and the impact on return on investment balance each other out when calculating energy saved. Besides, CO 2 emissions avoided

the calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions avoided in each country concerned takes into account the carbon content of local electricity. For each of Legrand’s national markets for energy- efficient solutions, combining all these factors helps to estimate, based on the corresponding sales in the country since 2014, the total CO 2 emissions avoided from using the products sold for one year. The estimate gives an avoided GHG value of 1.81 million metric tons of CO 2 equivalent in 2018. Sales in 2018 have a 50% weighting in the calculation to obtain a value which is the closest approximation of the actual period of use during 2018 of equipment purchased in 2018. Since 2014, the Group’s energy-efficient solutions have thus avoided, in aggregate, a total of 4.5 million metric tons of CO 2 emissions. Focus: Energy efficiency: clear information for customers To provide clear answers to its customers, Legrand has classified its applications that contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings into 16 families. For each family, Legrand helps customers evaluate performance according to four factors: financial savings, payback period, CO 2 emissions avoided and contribution to sustainable building accreditations. Calculations are based on regulatory or standard specifications, and/or evidence from recognized outside experts. This information is also backed up with concrete examples of installations presenting solutions for specific applications and building types. R 2019-2021 CSR ROADMAP For its fourth CSR roadmap, due to be published in 2019, in connection with SDG3 (Good health and well-being) and SDG9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure) Legrand is addressing the issue of providing sustainable solutions by adopting initiatives to: W protect the health and safety of users . Legrand wants to protect the health and safety of users of electrical equipment. The Group is therefore careful to sell only high-quality products and actively combats counterfeiting. It is also committed to protecting its users’ data; W stimulate innovation through partnerships . Sustainable solutions are also innovative solutions. Innovation is a growth driver at Legrand, and is achieved particularly through partnerships. The Group forms both technological partnerships (to adopt new techniques) and strategic partnerships (to access new markets and promote the emergence of new services for users).


(1) PDU: Power Distribution Unit.




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