Hermès // 2021 Universal Registration Document


In addition, as required under the Taxonomy, the change in right-of-use assets relating to leases recognised in accordance with IFRS 16 was included with an eligibility ratio of 100%. The CapEx indicator obtained is 61%, with a strong contribution from right-of-use assets. The Group’s operational investment eligibility ratio is 41%. Presentation of Taxonomy indicators: eligible CapEx The analysis of the eligibility for CapEx was conducted by analysing the various operational investments of the Group by category. In particular, investments related to the construction of new buildings, the renovation of existing buildings as well as ad-hoc work related to the energy efficiency of buildings were analysed in detail by the real estate development department with the help of an external firm on methodology.


Figures related to the analysis of the 2021 CapEx within the meaning of the Taxonomy are presented below:

Amounts for 2021

In millions of euros

Operating investments (IAS 16 and IAS 38) Eligible investments after analysis s Eligibility ratio of operational investments Right-of-use assets eligible at 100% s Overall total CapEX Taxonomy Taxonomy CapEx eligibility ratio Right-of-use assets (IFRS 16)

532 218 41% 267 267 799 61%

The Group will revise its methodology and its eligibility analysis as the Taxonomy is implemented and according to changes to the activities listed and the technical review criteria.

These CapEx related to real estate investments do not fully reflect the efforts made by the Group within the Sustainable Construction Framework of the real estate development department. These guidelines were created according to the strictest requirements in terms of CO 2 emissions, air quality, local supplies, and respect for biodiversity, in addition to using criteria related to the environmental quality and comfort in use of buildings (§ 2.5).



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