Hermès // 2021 Universal Registration Document





Hermès’ mission is to create unique and original objects to elegantly satisfy the needs and desires of its customers. Its goal is the pursuit of excellence, in each of its métiers and services, with craftsmanship at the heart of its model.

Hermès is an independent company backed by family shareholders. Its strategy is based on three pillars: creation, craftsmanship and an exclusive distribution network. Since 1837, the Group has remained true to its values of freedom, demanding craftsmanship savoir-faire , quality, authenticity and responsible growth. CREATION AT THE CORE OF HERMÈS’ STRATEGY Hermès creates and manufactures quality objects designed to last, to be passed on from one generation to the next, and to be repaired. This approach requires these issues to be taken into account at every stage, from design to sales. Hermès’ strategy is based on creative freedom. Each year, a theme inspires creators and Artistic Directors. Driven by a history spanning nearly 200 years, during which the House has continued to develop with audacity and ingenuity, Hermès paid homage to the theme of the Odyssey in 2021. In the face of challenges and successes, the Group has continued its journey, true to its identity and the Saddler’s Spirit. High standards in design and manufacturing encourage the creation of objects that aim to surprise and amaze customers. This creativity, revolving around traditional savoir-faire , is coupled with innovative processes to revisit timeless models and create exceptional pieces, without departing from Hermès’ trademark humour and imaginative flair. The unbridled creativity flourishes in each métier , as reflected in the numerous scarf designs printed every year. It is then expressed through over 50,000 references, developed around a unique identity and a style blending exceptional quality, innovation, surprise, elegance and simplicity. In 2021, it was revealed in new territories with the successful launch of the new Beauty chapters, the H08 men’s watch and the H24 perfume .


Hermès leverages its craftsmanship division, the second pillar of its strategy, with nearly 6,000 craftspeople in France. Backed by the House's rich history shaped by six generations of craftspeople, Hermès is resolutely turned to the future through its values, which address the concerns of our modern societies. Hermès moves with the times, but always respecting tradition, transmission and innovation. The House works alongside those who master, preserve and transmit craftsmanship savoir-faire through their knowledge of materials and their exceptional techniques. Each new leather goods workshop is an architectural project in its own right, enabling around 300 jobs to be created and promoting a pleasant working environment on a human scale. Hermès continued its investments to expand its production capacity in 2021, to satisfy its 16 métiers. The House ensures that it continually nurtures improvements in the gestures and savoir-faire of its craftspeople. In 2021, true to its commitment to education, Hermès opened an apprentice training centre, the Centre de Formation d'Apprentis (CFA), which awards a State diploma in leather work. The craftsmanship model is at the heart of all the métiers of Maison Hermès, drawing on exceptional materials. To ensure the durability of this craftsmanship model, the House takes particular care to secure its supplies of materials. Vertical integration, through partnerships and acquisitions, supports the development strategy, with regards to materials as well as techniques and savoir-faire . More than 58% of production is integrated and 78% is located in France.


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