REPORT ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Rules and principles governing the determination of pay and benefits


Stock options


(Table 4)

Stock options allocated to company directors during the 2017 fiscal year

Numberof options

Type of option

Value of options

Exercise period

Name of company director

Grant date

granted Strike price

No stockoptionswere granted during the 2017fiscalyear.

(Table 5)

Stock options exercised by company directors during the 2017 fiscal year

Numberand date of plan

Numberof options exercisedduring the year

Name of company director

Strike price

No stockoptionswere exercised during the 2017fiscalyear.

(Table 6)

Bonus shares granted to company directors during the 2017 fiscal year Bonus shares granted by the Natixis Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting during the fiscal year to each corporate officer by the issuer and by each company in the Group

Value of shares basedon the methodused for consolidated financial statements

Numberof shares granted during the fiscal year

Name of company director

End of lock-up period (2)

Performance conditions

Date of plan 5/23/2017 4/10/2017 4/10/2017

Vesting date 5/23/2021



5/23/2021 10/1/2019 10/1/2020

Yes Yes Yes

17,947 (3) 35,894 (3)

€101,581 (4) €203,163 (4)

3/1/2019 3/1/2020

LaurentMignon (1)

Performancesharesgrantedby Natixisand by any NatixisGroupcompanyto LaurentMignonfor his dutiesas ChiefExecutiveOfficerof Natixis. (1) Obligationto hold 30%of vestedsharesuntil the end of the termof officeas ChiefExecutiveOfficerof Natixisor in any other leadershippositionwith Natixis, includingas a memberof the Natixis (2) ExecutiveManagementCommittee. Sharesgrantedunder the deferredannualvariablepay plan for 2016. (3) Correspondingto the valuesat the grantdate. (4)

(Table 7)

Bonus shares granted that vested during the fiscal year for each company director

Number and date of plan

Numberof shares vested during thefiscal year

Bonus shares grantedthat vested for eachcorporateofficer

Vesting conditions



0 0



No bonus shares granted to Laurent Mignon vested duringthe 2017 fiscalyear.


Registration document 2017

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