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Crédit Foncier Founded in 1852, Crédit Foncier specializes in real estate loans and services in France. Itsobjective: to make all real estateprojects possible.

2,273 employees

€11.8bn in new loans

233 branches

€85.8bn in loan outstandings (1)

7,000 professional real estate partners

In 2017 In a fast-growingreal estate market, Crédit Foncier delivered robust sales performancesacross all business lines: individual customers, ● investors, real estate professionals and local authorities.

Individual customers Business was strong across the board in this year’s buoyant environment: subsidized loans, loans for commonhold properties, investor loans, etc. 2017 also saw the launch of the new Prêt Viager Hypothécaire , a reverse mortgage for seniors offered exclusively byCrédit Foncierin the Frenchfinancialcenter. Professional customers, investors and local authorities All businesssegmentswere boostedby marketmomentumin 2017: real estate development financing with subsidiary SOCFIM, long-term financing, social housing loans, and project and infrastructure financing. Crédit Foncier funded large-scale private-sectordeals, includingthe future aquatic center in Amiens, a retail center in Saint-Étienne and office building in Paris Rive Gauche.

€ 8.8bn in new loans,+25% € 45.7bn in loan outstandings

€ 2.9bn in new loans,+22% € 40.1bn in loan outstandings

Real estate services Crédit FoncierImmobilier,the real estate servicessubsidiaryof Crédit Foncier,deliveredrespectableresults in all businesslines: advisoryand audit, sales of residential homes and bulk sales and, of course, valuations. As a leader in real estate valuations in France, Crédit Foncier Immobilier launched Valeur Spot +, a quick and cost-effectiveestimate solution used in cases of disputes, in addition to two new offers aimed at real estate professionals: Sécur’financement and Sécur’achèvement .

Financial transactions Crédit Foncier Group secured funding through the issuance of

€ 6.1bn in covered bonds by Compagniede FinancementFoncier. The issues

were carried under very favorable conditions, in public and private-sector formats. At December Foncier outstandingcovered bondissues amounted to € 63.4bn (including related payables).

31, 2017, Compagnie de Financement

Gross securities and receivables – Management data at year-end under IFRS 7. (1)


Registration document 2017

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