TEC 2020 Strategic Plan 1.7

Groupe BPCE’s first strategic plan, “Together”, was focused on the recovery and constructionof the new Group for the 2010 to 2013 period. Groupe BPCE is now a major cooperative banking group, fully dedicated to its customers in the banking and insurance activities and serving economic operators. The 2014-2017strategicplan, “Anotherway to grow”, was focused on development,and specificallyboostingmarket share in loans, buildingup depositsand savings – particularlyin private banking and asset management– establishingan integratedinsuranceplatform,expandingNatixis on the internationalmarket – particularlyCorporateand InvestmentBanking – and ramping up the digital transformationof the group for the first time. In February 2017, before the strategic plan was introduced, a separate plan was launched with the aim of transforminglocal retail banking activities. This plan was founded on three structure-building programs: a program on the relationship banking model, with the goal of reaffirmingthe promise of close personal banking relations while offeringmore advice and quality of service both in-branchand on the go; an operationalexcellence plan aimed at pooling and streamliningthe group’s structure, IT and processes; and, finally, an ambitious digital action plan focused on“keepingit simple”for the group’scustomers,collaboratorsand communitypartners. In November 2017, Groupe BPCE launched its 2018-2020 strategic plan: TEC 2020 ( TRANSFORMATIONDIGITALEENGAGEMENTCROISSANCE ). TEC 2020 focuses on a combination of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONin order to seize opportunities created by the ongoing technological revolution, ENGAGEMENT toward the Group’s customers, employees and cooperative shareholders, and GROWTH in all its core businesses.

Accelerating our digital transformation The Group’s digital transformationis set to accelerateon the back of the organization introduced in early 2017 around the digital task force and underpinned by five multi-brand platforms developed by the 89C3 Factory. The objective is to lift the Group’s digital net promoter score (NPS) into line with the levels commanded by pure players, with 90% of active customers using the Group’s digital spaces and 10% of products and services being purchased via digital develop common interfaces for all its brands, to ensure that its ● customers enjoy an experience that matches the best standards; invest massively in data analytics, in order to customize solutions, ● measure certain risks more precisely, enhance CRM and build artificial intelligencetools; make its IT more agile by taking advantage of cloud resources; ● continue to optimize its operational model via management by ● business line, shared platforms (loan management, Group middle offices, etc.), and digitizationand robotization of processes. Digital transformation investments will be increased to € 600m per Groupe BPCE makes a firm commitment to all its customers by pledging toprovidethemwith more expertiseand more solutions: in Retail Banking and Insurance: by focusing sales forces on ● advisory services through greater digitization of processes, increasing the number of specialist advisors by over 50%, introducingbroader and global solutions in order to adapt to new customer expectations and preferences, and keeping a continuous watch oncustomer satisfaction; in Asset and Wealth Management: by delivering customized, ● innovativeactive investment solutionsand strategies; in Corporate and Investment Banking: by leveraging the group’s ● globally recognized expertise in four sectors (energy & natural resources, infrastructure, aviation, real estate & hospitality), in order to broaden its relationswith customers beyond financing. year (2020 target). Strong commitments to our customers, staff and cooperative shareholders channels oncompletion of the plan in 2020. To achieve these ends, the group is going to:

Groupe BPCE makes a firm commitmentto staff by pledging to make them activeplayersin the Group’s transformation process: by enhancingtheir employabilitythrough ambitiousinvestmentsin ● training (10 million hours of training) and facilitating mobility within theGroup via a dedicated portal; by equipping them with digital tools (100% of staff equipped on ● completion of the plan); by reinforcing the Group’s employer image, so as to attract and ● retain top talent (recruitmentof 800 highly qualifiedstaff in the IT and digital field). Groupe BPCE makes a firm commitment to its cooperative shareholders by pledging to reinforce the Group’s cooperative roots: the bank for everyone (access to banking services for vulnerable ● customers, such as disabledor protected persons,microloans,etc.); the bank that serves local needs (contributionof Group companies ● to local business and local ecosystems); by doing business responsibly (introduction of a code of ethics, ● preventionof over-indebtedness); by assigning priority to green growth and establishing targets out ● to 2020 that involve granting over € 10 billion in energy transition loans, investing over € 35 billion in deposits and savings into responsible investment solutions, carrying out two annual green bond issues, and reducing the group’scarbon footprintby 10%. Ambitious growth targets in all business lines Despite persistently low interest rates, the sizeable sums to be invested in Groupe BPCE’s transformation are mirrored in strong growth ambitions forall the Group’s business lines: Banque Populaire banks: focusing growth on selected customer ● categories (by 2020: +200,000 new principal active customers, +40,000 active professional customers, +5,500 corporate and institutional customers); Caisses d’Epargne: tailoring commercial organization and ● approachesto customer profiles (by 2020: +430,000 new principal active customers, +30,000 active professional customers, +4,000 corporate and institutional customers);


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