REPORT ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Potential conflicts of interest


Members of the Management Board


INDEPENDENCE AND INTEGRITY Membersof the ManagementBoardmay hold other offices subject to laws and regulationsin force. A ManagementBoard membermay not perform duties similar to those of Chief Executive Officer or Deputy Chief Executive Officer at a Caisse d’Epargne or a Banque Populaire bank.

there are no family tiesbetween Management Board Members. ● At the filing date of this document, no member of the Management Board was linked to BPCE or any of its subsidiaries by a service agreementofferingbenefits. DISCLOSURE OF CONVICTION To the company’sknowledge,to date, no memberof the Management Board has, for at least the previous five years, been convicted of fraud, associated with bankruptcies, receiverships or liquidations, convicted of a crime or subject to an official public sanction handed down by statutoryor regulatoryauthorities,or disqualifiedby a court from acting as a member of the administrative, management or supervisory bodies of an issuer or from participating in the managementor conduct of the affairsof any issuer.

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST To the company’s knowledge:

there are no conflicts of interest between any duties of ● ManagementBoardMemberswith respect to the issuing entity and their private interestsor otherduties;


Registration document 2017

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