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the Taxonomy regulation on sustainable activities: • consultations on delegated acts and on various articles of this regulation, its impacts for financial institutions, banks’; SFDR (SustainableFinance DisclosureRegulation),which gave • rise to various consultations; European Standard for Green Bond Issues; • non-financial reporting; • integration of ESG factors in risk management. • In addition to the European consultations,Groupe BPCE may be required to respond to the consultations launched by the French authorities concerning the transposition of European texts. EUROPEAN PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS At the European level, Groupe BPCE is a member of various professional associations, and participates in specific working groups that European banking organizations have set up to help advance Sustainable Finance strategy. These include the European Savings Banks Group (ESBG) and the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB). Groupe BPCE also took part in the EBA’s sensitivity analysis in connection with taxonomy, the first step in developing a stress test. National developments ADDRESSING CLIMATE CHANGE In July 2019, at an industry-wide meeting with the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, the main organizations and federations representing the Paris financial center published a shared declaration setting out new commitments to mitigate climate change and help reach the goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2050, by: encouraging members to adopt a coal divestment strategy, • with a defined divestment timetable, and to include this in their ESG reporting from 2020; working with the supervisory authorities to develop • methodologies to assess the exposure of their portfolios to climate risks and to align investment portfolios with a 2°C scenario. The Paris financial center will also contribute to the diffusion and open source standardization of these methodologies; monitoring commitments with the creation of an observatory • to track the actions and achievementsof Paris financial center

members in the realm of green and sustainable finance. The observatory, which will include a scientific committee, will be jointly governed by the main professional bodies (AFG, FBF, FFA, France Invest) and by Finance for Tomorrow. To this end, the ACPR and the AMF have each set up a Climate and SustainableFinance Committee, of which Groupe BPCE is a member. The FBF has set up a Climate Committee chaired by Laurent Mignon which brings together representatives from the Risk and CSR departments of all French banking groups. For Climate Finance Day on October 29, 2020, the French Banking Federationdrew up a first factual assessment of energy transition initiatives. This assessment shows that French banks have not only fulfilled their commitments, but also played a leading role in the global banking sector, with a high level of ambition, by integrating climate objectives into their strategy and their decision criteria. Groupe BPCE responded to the ACPR survey on commitments to combating climate change. The Paris financial center continues to strengthen its climate ambition by publishing its individual strategies for phasing out coal as part of the assessment by the AMF and the ACPR, and by contributing to the SustainableFinance Observatory launched on Climate Finance Day 2020. This Observatory aims to provide a high level of transparency and progress toward common definitions and methodologiesfor evaluating transition plans and associatedconditions and analyzing the entire thermal coal value chain. Natixis was the premium sponsor of the new edition of Climate Finance Day in October 2020, organized by the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the Finance for Tomorrow Initiative of Paris EUROPLACE. PREPARATION OF CLIMATE STRESS TESTS Groupe BPCE is part of the ACPR’s working group to draw up stress test scenarios pursuant to Article 173-Vof the French act of August 17, 2015 on the energy transition for green growth. In 2019, the working group began to review the sectors most exposed to physical and transition risks and to examine existing methodologies in order to propose approaches that can be used for climate stress tests. In 2020, the group participated in the ACPR’s mandatory stress testing.



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