BPCE - 2020 Universal Registration Document




Non-life insurance Since November 2020,Natixis Assurances has been insuring new non-life insurance business for individual customers of the Banques Populaires in addition to those of the Caisses d’Epargne. The auto and home offers have been reinventedto adapt to the market, and processeshave been redesignedto be simpler and more fluid. A new claims reportingportal has been designed,winning the Argus d’Or award in the claims management category. This new portal allows policyholders to report and monitor their claims online; it aims to simplify the lives of customersafter a claim. Accessible from the Caisses d’Epargne banking portal, the TEC#CARE portalis available 24 hours aday onall types of devices (PCs, tablets, and smartphones), with intuitive browsing and many features (document downloarde,pair shop selection, photo capture for remote assessment, etc.). It fits with the changing consumption patterns of policyholders. Following a car accident, 19% of policyholders report their claim online; for home claims, this rate rises to 34%, or even PAYMENTS Natixis Payments creates “payment as a service” solutions across the entire payment value chain: from issuance to acquisition to omnichannel to processing to employee benefits. It is backed by a robust technological base, highly innovative fintechs, and teams of recognized experts. Natixis Payments’ solutions are aimed at retail, professional, corporate and non-profit customers of Groupe BPCE networks, as well as retailers, banks and fintechs: online, physical and omnichannel payment solutions • (acceptance, fraud prevention, payment terminals, open payment, centralized electronic banking, etc.); card payments and issuance processing; • merchant electronic payment acquisition solutions; • account-to-account payment (SEPA credit transfers/direct • debits, instant payment); employee benefits (meal vouchers, gift vouchers) and • benefits for works councils. In 2020, the payments business played an important role during the pandemic. From the start of the crisis, Natixis Payments undertook to guarantee the Banque Populaire and the Caisse d’Epargnenetworksand their customersthe same quality of service in all areas (issuance, acquisition, payment

higher after a weather event. Already, 13,000 claims have beenmade, all in selfcaremode, without a manager,since the customer is guided step-by-step. Transformationof Natixis Assurances’ non-life business was off to a very promising start, with strong sales momentum. In non-life insurance, the portfolio increasedby 5% compared to last year, to reach 6.4 million policies. Gross sales fell by 2% due to the health crisis and the impact of lockdowns. However, growth in sales was significantly higher than the forecasts made during the year, due to the success of the recovery plan implemented in May 2020 and the successful deployment of the #INNOVATE2020 program in both networks. At €1.65 billion,earned premiums increasedby 5% during the year, with similar growth in activity in the Caisse d’Epargne network (+5%) and the Banque Populaire network (+5%). Growth was driven by the core offering, with auto insurance up 5%, multi-riskhome insuranceup 7%, and Pers. acc./Multi-riskacc. insuranceup 5%, in line with growth in the portfolio. processing, fraud prevention). The Payments division also supported changes in consumer purchasing and payment behaviors (contactlessand smartphonepayment). Its experts were mobilized to implement the new ceiling for contactless payment, which was raised to €50 as of May 11, and the increase in the ceiling for meal vouchers in June. In an unprecedentedcontext of acceleratingthe digitizationof retail, Natixis Payments supported retailers of all sizes in the developmentof their online sales, thanks to the omnichannel platformsof its fintechDalenys,whoseoffers are designedfor large retailers and e-retailers, and its fintech PayPlug, which targets SMEs, either directly or in synergy with the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne networks. With regard to processing activities, ten new banking institutions, including Bank Audi and Volkswagen Financial Services, chose Natixis Payments for the processing and clearing of their electronic payments. This is a migration project of unprecedentedscale and technical achievement for the electronic payment outsourcing market. The division kept the recruitmentmomentumgoing in 2020, hiring 150 newemployees(all entitiescombined)to expand its range of expertise in support of the technologicaladvances in its ranges.




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