BPCE - 2019 Universal Registration Document


Informing customers about the complaints handling process Customers are informed of the complaints handling process and

In terms of our CSR products (environmental products, and social and solidarity-based products), a specific range has been produced with Mirova’s UCITS and funds investing in regional SMEs, particularly innovative SMEs (FIPs – local investment funds, and FCPIs – innovation investment funds). Employee training Group employees regularly receive training on customer protection, the right to hold an account and vulnerable customers. Ethics and compliance training, entitled “Fundamentals of professional ethics”, has been set up for all employees. Supervision of sales challenges Group Compliance coordinates the approval of national sales challenges, ensures that conflicts of interest are managed properly and guarantees that customer interests always come first. Local challenges are coordinated by local Compliance teams. Addressing market abuse and financial activities With the transposition of the Market Abuse directive and regulation, the Group began using a market abuse alert analysis and reporting tool covering the Banques Populaires, the Caisses d’Epargne and their subsidiaries. A virtual assistant helps staff members analyze alerts reported by the Group’s information systems. The Group’s market abuse memorandum has been updated and compliance staff are given special training to enhance their skills and due diligence in the analysis of market abuse alerts. Lastly, the SRAB KPI measurement methods (regarding the separation of banking activities) recommended by the AMF and ACPR were implemented throughout the Group. COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT: The complaints handling process Complaints are handled at three successive levels: Level 1: the branch or business center in charge of the • relationship; Level 2: the Customer Relations department of the bank or • the subsidiary if the complaint has not been resolved at level 1; Level 3: the mediator, if the complaint persists despite the • level 2 intervention. The mediator is an independent body. It has its own website where customers can complete a form to submit their request for mediation. All Groupe BPCE entities have a department that handles customer complaints. The procedure for discussing or transferring complaints between the Customer Relations departments of Group institutions, and those of the subsidiaries, is organized to ensure that each complaint is addressed as quickly as possible.

how to contact the bank: on the Group’s websites; • in fee guides; • in the general terms and conditions. • Monitoring of the complaints handling process This monitoring covers: the reasons for complaints; • the products and services involved; • processing times. •


Key indicators are regularly submitted to Groupe BPCE bank directors, Internal Control departments and all sales structures. 63% of complaints are addressed in less than 10 days. The average processing time in 2019 was 13 days (1) . Analysis and use of information about complaints Group entities analyze complaints in order to detect failures, shortcomings and bad practices. This analysis allows them to establish corrective measures to be implemented with the relevant divisions. The Group is working on developing research into the causes of complaints. This continuous improvement process is also aided by customer comments shared through satisfaction surveys and observed by monitoring online and social media activity and customer opinions. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND QUALITY POLICY In 2019, Groupe BPCE committed to providing a customer experience aligned with the highest standards on the market. To do so the Group has activated all key components of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is measured using the NPS (net promoter score). The Group uses customer surveys to help the brands – from the branches to the head office – effectively boost customer satisfaction on all markets. These surveys allow us to contact all customers once a year and each time they are in contact with their advisor, enabling us to capture customer satisfaction in real time and make improvements to their mobile experience or their experience in their branch or with their advisor. All members of staff can now access a mobile phone app that shows customer satisfaction levels in real time – the app records over 100,000 visits per year. At the end of 2019, the NPS had increased by 6 points over one year for the Banques Populaires and by 7 points over one year for the Caisses d’Epargne. Two programs were rolled out across the networks to accelerate this trend: the first program, targeting individual and professional • customers, is focused on “keeping things simple, maintaining a close relationship with customers, and being committed banking experts”; the second program, targeting corporate customers, is • focused on “being responsive and proactive”.

(1) Source: Complaint monitoring tools.



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