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better measure performance, workshops for sharing CSR best practice, forward-looking discussions on forthcoming reporting requirements and the expectations of our stakeholders, a specific national reporting meeting to help entities prepare – the non-financial performance report, a national meeting on green, responsible growth to – centralize technical and sales expertise. An annual plenary meeting (125 participants on average) has been held since 2014; steering and oversight bodies: •

To take action, the CSR & Sustainable Development division relies on a CSR function whose responsibilities are divided between the Group’s central institution, regional banks and subsidiaries, including Natixis. Each entity has an appointed CSR officer responsible for implementing the Group’s commitments and adapting them to the specific features of the entity and its region if necessary. The CSR function has the following structures: bodies that exchange information and coordinate and share • skills: a national meeting for all the Group’s CSR officers. It – addresses topics including improvements to reporting to




Groupe BPCE Supervisory Board Cooperative and CSR Committee

Steers and rules on major strategic CSR guidelines. The committee met twice in 2019. Rolls out initiatives based on their specific priorities and involves all Group employees in the field. Approve national CSR guidelines and assist with their local implementation.

CSR function (network of CSR managers and their business line counterparts)

Cooperative Shareholder & CSR Committee of the Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires and CSR Committee of the Fédération Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne

Local CSR Committees of Group institutions

Monitor and coordinate local implementation of the CSR policy.

training on sustainable development issues: • in 2019, a training session on “The Basics of CSR” was – provided to the business lines, two training courses on CSR reporting (organization and – tools) and two on the carbon review tool were provided, and three CSR reporting telephone hotlines were made available in 2019. The Group CSR & Sustainable Development division works with other divisions (Risk, Logistics, Procurement, Digital divisions and the federations) to promote CSR culture and support the action taken by the CSR officers in each function. For its internal communications, the CSR & Sustainable Development division has a dedicated Intranet and three discussion groups on the company social network (green growth, CSR, and climate risks-sustainable finance). CSR GOVERNANCE AT NATIXIS Natixis’ CSR policy is steered by a dedicated CSR Department reporting to Natixis’ Corporate Secretary, who is a member of the Natixis Senior Management Committee. Its CSR team, which has eight permanent employees, works with the BPCE CSR & Sustainable Development division.

It draws on a network of around two hundred officers in all Natixis’ business lines and support functions. The CSR officers in the support functions (Real Estate & Logistics, Human Resources, IT, Compliance, etc.) are involved in projects to incorporate sustainability in the company’s operations. Corporate & Investment Banking has created a Green Hub comprising experts who help issuers and investors all around the world by offering them solutions and expertise in sustainable financing. In the Asset & Wealth Management and Insurance business lines, CSR officers have implemented CSR initiatives for many years. ESG RATINGS Keenly aware of the major role played by ESG rating agencies, Groupe BPCE responds to the requests of these agencies and maintains dialog with them. This is one of the CSR commitments set out in the strategic plan. The following table shows the most recent assessments of the top ESG rating agencies.

Agency OEKOM

Current rating

Previous rating

C – Prime (2018) A (August 2019)

C – Prime (2016)


AA (2018)


65/100 – Average performer (2018)

61/100 – Average performer (2016)


57/100 – Robust (2018)

55/100 – Robust (2016)


Group Inspection Générale division and are regularly updated in line with regulatory changes. Development of CSR assessment tools in the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne networks The Banque Populaire network uses the CSR & Cooperative Dividend to measure its commitment to its stakeholders.

CSR has been an integral part of the multi-year audit plans since 2016. The Internal Audit teams of each Group institution regularly perform an audit of CSR governance, CSR reporting and coordination of the CSR approach. Audit standards were addressed during a joint project by the CSR teams and the



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